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Friday, March 28, 2008

cuse in the dance

I was alittle bored watching NCAA tourney. I was surfing the web when I found a web site with all SU's NCAA tourney games.

Some interesting record I found are:

Sherman Douglas is number 5 in most assists catagory with 49 in 1987 he is also third alltime in the ncaa tourney with 106

Stephen Thompson holds second place in the highes field goal percentage catagory at 68.4% (1987-88-89-90)

Lawrence Moten hold fourth place in highest field goal percentage at 94.3%

Syracuse is in 4th place in largest margin of victory against brown (43 points) in 1986

Most Overtime Games by One Team in One Tournament
1st Syracuse 3 in 1975

frehman scoring more than 30 in two or more games
1st Carmelo Anthony
7th Gerry Mcnamara

Overall Record: 48-31 (.608)
Final Four Appearances: 4 (1975, 1987, 1996, 2003)
National Champoinships: 1 (2003, New Orleans)

2006--Fifth seed in Atlanta Regional
Lost Texas A&M in first round, 66-58

2005--Fourth seed in Austin Regional
Lost Vermont in first round, 56-53

2004--Fifth seed in Phoenix Regional
Defeated Brigham Young in first round, 80-75
Defeated Maryland in second round, 72-70
Lost Alabama in regional semifinals, 80-71

2003--Third seed in East Region
Defeated Manhattan in first round, 76-65
Defeated Oklahoma State in second round, 68-56
Defeated Auburn in regional semifinals, 79-78
Defeated Oklahoma in regional Final, 63-47
Defeated Texas in National Semifinal, 95-84
Defeated Kansas in National Final, 81-78

2001--Fifth seed in Midwest Region
Defeated Hawaii in first round, 79-69
Lost to Kansas in second round, 87-58

2000--Fourth seed in Midwest Region
Defeated Samford in first round, 79-65
Defeated Kentucky in second round, 52-50
Lost to Michigan State in regional semifinals, 75-58

1999--Eighth seed in South Region
Lost to Oklahoma State in first round, 69-61

1998--Fifth seed in South Region
Defeated Iona in first round, 63-61
Defeated New Mexico in second round, 56-46
Lost to Duke in regional semifinal, 80-67

1996--Fourth seed in West Region
Defeated Montana State in first round, 88-55
Defeated Drexel in second round, 69-58
Defeated Georgia in regional semifinal, 83-81 (OT)
Defeated Kansas in regional semifinal, 60-57
Defeated Mississippi State in National Semifinal, 77-69
Lost to Kentucky in National Championship, 76-67

1995--Seventh seed in Midwest Region
Defeated Southern Illinois in first round, 96-92
Lost to Arkansas in second round, 96-94 (OT)

1994--Fourth seed in West Region
Defeated Hawaii in first round, 92-78
Defeated Wisconsin-Green Bay in second round, 64-59
Lost to Missouri in regional semifinal, 98-88 (OT)

1992--Sixth seed in East Region
Defeated Princeton in first round, 51-43
Lost to Massachusetts in second round, 77-71 (OT)

1991--Second seed in East Region
Lost to Richmond in first round, 73-69

1990--Second seed in East Region
Defeated Coppin State in first round, 70-48
Defeated Virginia in second round, 63-61
Lost to Minnesota in regional semifinal, 82-75

1989--Second seed in Midwest Region
Defeated Bucknell in first round, 104-81
Defeated Colorado State in second round, 65-50
Defeated Missouri in regional semifinal, 83-80
Lost to Illinois in regional final, 89-86

1988--Third seed in East Region
Defeated North Carolina A&T in first round, 69-55
Lost to Rhode Island in second round, 97-94

1987--Second seed in East Region
Defeated Georgia Southern in first round, 79-73
Defeated Western Kentucky in second round, 104-86
Defeated Florida in regional semifinal, 87-81
Defeated North Carolina in regional final, 79-75
Defeated Providence in National Semifinal, 77-63
Lost to Indiana in National Final, 74-73

1986--Second seed in East Region
Defeated Brown in first round, 101-52
Lost to Navy in second round, 97-85

1985--Seventh seed in East Region
Defeated DePaul in first round, 70-65
Lost to Georgia Tech in second round, 70-53

1984--Third seed in East Region
Defeated Virginia Commonwealth in second round, 78-63
Lost to Virginia in regional semifinal, 63-55

1983--Sixth seed in East Region
Defeated Morehead State in first round, 74-59
Lost to Ohio State in second round, 79-74

1980--First seed in East Region
Defeated Villanova in second round, 97-83
Lost to Iowa in regional semifinal, 88-77

1979--Fourth seed in East Region
Defeated Connecticut in second round, 89-81
Lost to Pennsylvania in regional semifinal, 84-76

1978--Mideast Region
Lost to Western Kentucky in first round, 87-86 (OT)

1977--Mideast Region
Defeated Tennessee in first round, 93-88 (OT)
Lost to North Carolina-Charlotte in regional semifinal, 81-59

1976--Midwest Region
Lost to Texas Tech in first round, 69-56

1975--East Region
Defeated LaSalle in first round, 87-83 (OT)
Defeated North Carolina in regional semifinal, 78-76
Defeated Kansas State in regional final, 95-87 (OT)
Lost to Kentucky in National Semifinal, 95-79
Lost to Louisville for National Third Place, 96-88 (OT)

1974--Midwest Region
Lost to Oral Roberts in first round, 86-82 (OT)

1973--East Region
Defeated Furman in first round, 83-82
Lost to Maryland in regional semifinal, 91-75
Defeated Pennsylvania for regional third place, 69-68

1966--East Region
Defeated Davidson in regional semifinal, 94-78
Lost to Duke in regional final, 91-81

1957--East Region
Defeated Connecticut in first round, 82-76
Defeated Lafayette in regional semifinal, 75-7
1Lost to North Carolina in regional final, 67-58

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