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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

put up or shut up

I received this email from one of my good friends and I thought that he might be onto something so i decided to post it. 

Thanks Matt for the article look forward to more of them.

Did you see the story about Davidson's trustees shelling out their own cash to send 250+ students to their tourney game? Includes tix, transportation and hotel stay.
Why can't SU pull off a similar deal? Maybe for the Big East tournament if nothing else. Could work like this: All students who, say, make the Dean's List or perform X-amount of community service hours can put their name into a lottery. A set number, say 50, of them will get transportation, hotel, and tix to the tournament. SU owns it's own travel agency and a Sheraton. I bet they could strike deals to keep costs reasonable. If nothing else, it could get passionate students into the seats of an event they may otherwise not be able to go to.

The cost may be significant but wouldn't it be worth it? Would make a good incentive for students to perform.

Ballhype: hype it up!

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