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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Client Number 8

In keeping with current events, I believe I now know who client number 8 is. Having read Donnie Webbs post about spring ball I am positive Greg Robinson has an alias and that alias in non other than client number 8. Move over Spitzer there's a new king on the hill.

Donnie Webb asked Greg about the girls over at the emperors club. Greg responded with, "First of all, I like this group," Robinson said tonight. "I just feel when I'm out there, there's a lot of spunk to this group. When you see them bouncing around the field and really going about their business with an intent, it's hard to be upset about anything other than you want the little things done. And that takes time."

Webb then asked Grob if he likes the woman that he chose to take care of all his needs. Greg responded with "All in all, I like how we're working along. We've got a long road to hoe."

Grob was asked by another reporter about his penis being ready for the challenge of all these classy girls and to see if he read up on the art of Karma Sutra. The response "He's trying to get in. His head is swimming a little bit. You start changing up the formations ... it's one thing to know it on paper and it's another thing ... all of sudden there's motions and things you have to adjust to. I have not done that since high school."

The next question shocked even me, "Greg do you like anal sex or is your heart with Vaginas"? Greg responded "those two spots are wide open."

As Greg was walking away from the emperors club I asked one last question "Greg how was she?"Greg responded with" "Let me tell you, that's a hell of a job. Damn good."

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mjD said...

That's pretty F'n hysterical!