To Big Ten or to not Big Ten that is the Question

Saturday, September 29, 2007

i have tobe the number one sucker

Troy nunes is an absolute magician, you are wise beyond your years. The only thing more pathetic is Louisville. I have problems with my heart. my heart believes in the cuse, cuse does not believe in winning, thats a problem. Grob does not believe in his team, that is the biggest problem. the minute you lose all confidence in your team, you need to go. Grob go back to Pacific, that is more your level! This is Syracuse we need to win, if not there is nothing left but snow and basketball. Gross admit to a mistake and fix it. Coughlin could be on his way!

what the f%$#

This is it, I have finally taken the gloves off. Grob need to go. His job was on the line, and he handed it over. As i was watching the game on the upper east side of NYC, I heard things like we held strong with Miami of Ohio. hello, this is Miami of Ohio, not Miami. what the f%^$. the only thing scarier, is how bad is Louisville. I first lost hope when, SU had 4th down and one with 4 minutes left, that was less than two feet by the way. What do they do they punt. Gross should have fired him that second. then the score is 14-17, Miami, SU just scored. what do they do, they do a semi onside and kick it 30 yards, so no su players could recover, don't they practice this. what in gods name do they practice.

This team has major issues. the only offense they have is on passes. there is no hope for any running, and any good coach can see that. Curtis Brinkley has no help, and should not have thus load of runs. why in gods name can a team run one year and the next it can't. yeah they pretty much had the same offense and defense. that says the injury on Brinkley was worse than anticipated, and he probably should not be playing. where is the balance, how many runs and passes where called in the second half, i bet the passes far out numbered the runs. i know what your thinking, last weekend when they won i was happy, but this is pathetic, the only thing worse would be a loss to Buffalo, and in all reality, it could happen. troy nunes is an absolute magician shut down the bowl count off, not going to happen!

grob this was miami of ohio not miami. get with the program. you have been an assistant for twenty years, there might be a reason for it. you should grow some balls, and resign, you are and never where up for the task of returning this team to prominence. leave us in misery NOW!!!!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Local Hero

You Know its nice to see a local kid make good. Last night a good friend risked his life to catch a known fugitive. Great work Mikey D, you continue to make us proud.

Police chase ends with suspect crashing
September 28, 2007 9:22AM
Categories: Breaking News, City News, Crime & Safety, West Suburbs

A 44-year-old Syracuse man is facing a slew of charges after he reportedly led police on a chase overnight. Lucious Paul Jr., of 402 Hoefler St., is facing charges including driving while intoxicated, third-degree aggravated unauthorized operation and failure to comply, according to police reports.

The incident began when police, who had been on the look out for Paul, received information that the suspect was driving a 2006 Ford Fusion in the area of Hoefler and Bellevue Avenue, according to the report, which indicated that Paul was being sought on a warrant for menacing and criminal possession of a weapon related to an incident last Sunday.
The suspect led police mostly along Bellevue until he crashed into a telephone pole along the 3000 block of Bellevue near Onondaga Boulevard. The suspect was transported to University Hospital for treatment of injuries that included a bloody nose, according to the report.

Miami of Ohio

Syracuse is entering Saturdays game feeling pretty good about themselves. Just a week ago they pulled off the biggest upset in school, strike that big east history, beating the Louisville cardinals on the road. This Week they are going into the intimidating Yager Field in Miami of Ohio. As they come out of the tunnel to enter the field they are going to be greeted by unruly fans, that's right it's family weekend.

I have been doing some research on the reds hawks, cause i did not know anything about them. I was shocked to find out how informative their website is. It points out all there tradition and how they are a force to be reckoned with. Then it talks about their amazing tailgating and everything it has to offer. take a look at the pix. pretty amazing!

Wow, good times. I have always wanted to go to a tailgate like this. Now check out the activities:
September 29 vs. Syracuse:
Performing Live JT and Sarge
17 foot Pepsi Video Truck
Interactive games
- 50 ft. Obstacle Course
- Equalizer Sports Challenge
- Football Toss
- Moonwalk
- Cornhole (bag toss)
Sign me up for the moonwalk, nope i changed my mind, that might be the most lame tailgate i have ever seen.
Anyways i have a question, how can Syracuse only be favored by 1.5 points. Against a team that is 1-3 and only has a win against Ball State, Where is Ball State anyways. How has it gotten this bad. Grob needs to march his band of orangemen threw that pathetic tailgate town, threw those unruly 12 and 13 year old fans and shove that ball down those red hawks throats. Make a stand, start a win streak, and get themselves back on the map. I have full faith that they can do it. No They are going to do it. Lets go Orange!!!!

can it be.

Can it be, Syracuse is favored for the first time this year. We are moving up in the world. On the road and still favored.

Can it be Syracuse could start a thing called a winning streak.
I might be a fore thinker here, but SU can make it 2 wins in a row, and 2 wins in a row against the same opponent. Who knows, maybe on Sunday, i can blog about how Greg Robinson has Miami's number,too bad it's Miami of Ohio.

Can it be, Syracuse Orange is rated number one.
Number one against all New York schools, woo hoo! congrats Dr Gross, And Coach Robinson, you should be proud, just remember that team from buffalo is nipping at your heels.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Well i have to admit, i am one of those fans who are juiced about that huge win. I caught myself yesterday saying Syracuse could finish 500 and earn a bowl. Do you know what, i still believe that, I believed it from the opening kickoff against the huskies. This team has issues, but it seems, at least for now they have fixed a few of the. I will tell you this, if this teams can repair the defense, and the running game it has a shot to finish 500. In my heart i know it can be done, but we are talking about a Syracuse team that was so abysmal the three weeks pryer I was surprised they even showed up to Louisville. I am very proud of this teams confidence. How many of us would have shown up after the annihilation it has endured this season.

So, I am going to be optimistic here, lets go bowling!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

lets go orange

Well things are lookin up. we have a real win. A win on the road vs a ranked team. this is huge. we had a glimpse of the west coast offense. we are in a two way tie for 1st place in the big east. Lets go orange! sorry i am kind of pumped.


found a bunch of pictures of the win. This really should be a huge confidence builder. Grob use this to get them up for miami ohio

The Orange Upset Louisville

Do you believe in Miracles


Hey Look who is tied for first place in the big east. Go SU

Big East Conf

Connecticut 1-0 4-0
Syracuse 1-0 1-3
West Virginia (5) 0-0 4-0
Cincinnati (24) 0-0 4-0
Rutgers (10) 0-0 3-0
South Florida (18) 0-03-0
Louisville 0-1 2-2
Pittsburgh 0-1 2-2


After that win, i promise i will not call for your firing until after the season. If it is up to me, and its not, you need to some how win 4 more to save your job. But i must congratulate you on a very nice win! Well Done

Louisville, Great Beards of zues

What in God's name has happen to you. Yesterday, you guys got ran over by a mediocre Syracuse offense that, up until last week could not pass food around the dinner table.

All me to sing, Na na na na you suck, nana, na na na na, you suck!

wow, wow.

Allow me to tell you all a true story. During the pregame, i was flipping around sports talk radio stations on my way to Canada. Every station i heard had Syracuse going down badly. I heard things like pathetic, no talent, play the freshman cause the season is over, and prepare for the future. I, myself have been ranting all week on how bad this team is, and how badly we need a change. Well let me tell you something and this is no lie. Opening kickoff i heard the announcer say "Andrew Robinson, three step drop, looks down field, throws to an open Taj Smith. It's caught, Taj at the forty, thirty, twenty, ten, touchdown Syracuse. I said right there, if Su's defense holds them they are going to win! That is no lie, i had a feeling after that miracle of a pass, after that miracle of a call , and after that miracle of a catch!

I have no idea what got into that team. The offense (other than the running game) looked amazing. Arob looked like a man possessed. I have never seen an su qb stand in the pocket make a throw knowing he was going to be leveled. I have to commend the O line, i have no idea where that performance came from but well done. The receivers a++. My only question is, where in gods name is the defense. Have they packed it in, why is Joe Fields the leading Tackler on the team.

I ended up watching the 2nd half, it was one of the best offensive games i have ever seen, But i am very confused. Greg Robinson was hired as a defensive coach first. Where is the defense. It is non existent.

So allow me to say this well down, well done. I owe everyone on the offensive side of the ball an apology. That was a great performance. Greg if you had anything to do with that, you better figure out what you did and do it every week. Brian White, great play calling. Most exciting SU game i have watched since Mcnabb days.