To Big Ten or to not Big Ten that is the Question

Sunday, September 23, 2007

wow, wow.

Allow me to tell you all a true story. During the pregame, i was flipping around sports talk radio stations on my way to Canada. Every station i heard had Syracuse going down badly. I heard things like pathetic, no talent, play the freshman cause the season is over, and prepare for the future. I, myself have been ranting all week on how bad this team is, and how badly we need a change. Well let me tell you something and this is no lie. Opening kickoff i heard the announcer say "Andrew Robinson, three step drop, looks down field, throws to an open Taj Smith. It's caught, Taj at the forty, thirty, twenty, ten, touchdown Syracuse. I said right there, if Su's defense holds them they are going to win! That is no lie, i had a feeling after that miracle of a pass, after that miracle of a call , and after that miracle of a catch!

I have no idea what got into that team. The offense (other than the running game) looked amazing. Arob looked like a man possessed. I have never seen an su qb stand in the pocket make a throw knowing he was going to be leveled. I have to commend the O line, i have no idea where that performance came from but well done. The receivers a++. My only question is, where in gods name is the defense. Have they packed it in, why is Joe Fields the leading Tackler on the team.

I ended up watching the 2nd half, it was one of the best offensive games i have ever seen, But i am very confused. Greg Robinson was hired as a defensive coach first. Where is the defense. It is non existent.

So allow me to say this well down, well done. I owe everyone on the offensive side of the ball an apology. That was a great performance. Greg if you had anything to do with that, you better figure out what you did and do it every week. Brian White, great play calling. Most exciting SU game i have watched since Mcnabb days.

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