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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

blog qoutes for grob

Greg Robinson - Syracuse: One really has to wonder what Coach Robinson and his staff have been doing in the off-season, coaching this football team or playing tiddly-winks? The Orange played bad against Washington, missing tackles, making stupid mistakes, lots of penalties, etc., but much worse for Robinson, it look like his team quit on him in the second half. Something is very wrong in Syracuse if your team is quitting on you in the 1st game of the season, and somebody on that staff better start coaching these players or all of those coaches are going to find themselves out of work, and very soon.

On to the latest Coaches Hot Seat Rankings, and here are your Top 10 Coaches on the Hot Seat:
1. Charlie Weis - Ty isn't looking so bad now. Genius? What a joke!
2. Houston Nutt - Run the ball Houston! What a nut, make that a stupid nut!
3. Mike Stoops - Bob Stoops has a job for you, so don't fret.
4. Greg Robinson - Mack Brown has a job for you, so don't fret.
5. Tommy Tuberville - The jet is warming up, and Tubby gets the big $!

My question is what are they going to say when you get blown out of Louisville.

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