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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Response from Dr. Gross

Re: State of the Cuse : We Need a Change Now‏
From: Daryl J Gross (
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Sent: Sun 9/16/07 9:39 PM

My Orange Brethren,I received a call from Pete Carroll after the Nebraska game at about 3 am et. His message was a thank you for giving him the opportunity to coach at Sc. It reminded me of how long it took us to get to that point.Football is a slow turn, but when you fix it it seems like it was always good. Truth be told, it took us 10 years to have the greatest run in football history, but it was worth it.We will win here!!! (Not saying it will take 10 years!) That's all I know. I hear your concerns and as bad as you feel, I feel worse. I want you to know, I have been exposed to this situation before and will solve our football woes.Meanwhile, keep whatever faith you have left and be patient. This tough period will be a distant memory one day.

Let's go Orangemen,
Daryl Gross

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cusefan78 said...

Dr. Gross Thank you for your timely response, i appreciate your honesty.
cusefan 78