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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bob Costas

Did anyone here the rantings of Bob Costas today on Jim Rome.
Allow me to quote this "I believe blogs are mean spirited and uniformed." He also rants on that blogs are a bad thing and they should not be taken seriously. I really don't think that anyone who sells his sole to HBO should ever say anybody else should not be taken serious. Mr. Costas allow me to clear something up, Just because a person is not on T.V. opening up his big mouth just to hear himself speak does not mean we are not informed! Every post i right is my own beliefs and thoughts, if I right about facts then check them before i right them! You might want to think before you start preaching. Mr Costas just remember, we the blog writers are the one's in the trenches. When was the last time you spoke to a fan, and what i mean by fan is a person who pays for his own tickets and cheers a team or person on cause they want to, not cause they are getting paid for it!

Cusefan out

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