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Sunday, September 16, 2007

We Need a Change Now

Well it’s Sunday morning and the hangover from flat dome beer has finally subsided and my thoughts of Saturday’s game are now clear. Even though the offense showed glimpses of hope that the west coast offense finally clicked, I can’t stop thinking that there is no hope for this team now or ever. Coaching seems to get progressively worse every game. I have seen evidence of these two weeks in a row. Allow me to paint the picture. The half is winding down; the Orange finally looks like they might have something figured out because they have moved the ball. Know I am not saying they are marching down the field but the ball is moving and they have strung together a few 1st downs. The problem is the clock is quickly ticking away. The obvious thing to do here is call timeout, call a play that might get you some points or put you in position to score. The crowd is on their feet, (all 20,000 of them anyway, more on that later this week) Arob Breaks the huddle and starts barking at the line, hut, hut hike. Arob three step drop, handoff up the middle, end of half. I am fine with the coaches wanting to run out the half, but why call the timeout. I think this is mind boggling, somebody should tell the coaches that just because you have the timeouts doesn’t mean you need to use them.
The obvious problems with the coaching are there inept ability to use the players they have to their fullest abilities. Let’s face the facts; this team will never run a viable west coast offense. The oline will never give arob enough time to pass the ball downfield, and the d line will never stop anybody by blitzing every down. Now my thoughts are these.
1. Pack all those West Coast plays up, and institute a proform offense. Now this accomplishes a few things, you put more people in the backfield to block. Now this is where Grob and his brain trust of coaches might get lost, the more blockers you have the more time the qb gets to pass for more than 2 yards.
2. After passing a few times downfield, you open up this thing called a running game. If they really want to get tricky they could, wait a minute, deep breathe, do I say it, PLAYACTION.
3. Now onto the defense, this defense is so bad, there is no hope, this bothers me the most because Grob was hired cause he is a defensive mastermind, what a crock of SH?&! What I Have noticed is that these linebackers do not stay home, they over commit and then big holes open up allowing mediocre offenses to look like the Colts vs the Raiders.

Wow, wait a sec, let me catch my breathe.
Ok, I can’t blame all this on the coaches; the players that wear orange week in and week out do not have the talent to hang with any d1 school. I hate to say this but they should not be here they should be at some d2 or d3 school. Receivers can’t catch, linebackers can’t tackle, and offensive linemen can’t block. There are a few exceptions, Joe Fields seems to be involved on every defensive play, and the punter Rob Long can kill the ball. Arob seems to be a leader, I watched him on the sidelines and he was trying to get the players up. His problem is his passing is erratic, it's high, low, behind, and in front. Curtis Brinkley, I would like to give you a well deserved appology from everyone in syracuse, you do not deserve this, you should be running behind people that want to block and and that can!
The most disheartening thing is the faces of the players, they are not in the game, they are staring into the stands, pouting and down. Now I would be like that too, but show some pride for the players that wore that jersey before you did. Do you think Dwight Freeney, Don Mcpherson, Marvin Graves, Tim Greene and or any of the others would ever act like that, I don’t think so! I hope you guys are working hard in class! If you don’t want to be here then go home.

Dr. Gross you have some serious problems on your hands, good luck!

PS I am Emailing this to Dr. Gross, Lets see if he responds!

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Anonymous said...

I am in total agreement with everything here. Greg Needs to go NOW!