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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Donovan McNabb

As a Die hard cuse fan i love and support all former Syracuse players. That being said you are making it alot more difficult to support you when your constantly speaking out your a$$. Did you wake up yesterday and decide i have not been in the news in a few days! We let you slide on your Vick statement!

pass for 300 yards, our team wins by seven, [mimicking] 'Ah, he could've made this throw, they would have scored if he did this,' " McNabb tells HBO.

Do you agree with Donovan McNabb's claim that black quarterbacks face more scrutiny than their white counterparts?
"Doesn't every quarterback go through that?" Brown asks.
"Not everybody," McNabb replies.
Brown then asks if the media is tougher on him than on white quarterbacks such as
Carson Palmer and Peyton Manning.
"Let me start by saying I love those guys," McNabb tells HBO. "But they don't get criticized as much as we do. They don't."

Hey Donovan you might want to take your head out of your a$$. Look at Rex Grossman, he went to the super bowl last year and now they want to run him out of town. last time i checked he was white. How about the Manning's. Up until now Peyton was the biggest choker next to Custard and dont get me started on Eli! What are you thinking!
Next time you bitch about pressure, people not appreciating you go take a look at your bank account, last time I checked you were getting paid! Shut up and take it.

ps can't wait to hear from his parents.

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