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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Grobs job!

I have been hearing alot about Greg Robinson's job security over the past few days. Yesterday afternoon, i was listening to the only local sports talk show in Syracuse.(more on that later)

Bud and the Manchild was having a debate over Grob:

1. Must go now
2.Finish the year
3.finish his contract

The thing that stood out the most was Bud saying that Greg should stay as long as he earns his time. I am no rocket scientist, but has he earned one game this year. I agree year one and two are freebies but they should be on the upward spiral, not still on the downward! Lets face the facts, Greg Robinson is a great guy, never gets upset, never frowns, is great for the community, BUT HE IS NOT GREAT FOR SYRACUSE FOOTBALL. Picture this, you are a 17 year old kid and you are being recruited by Syracuse, Rutgers, Penn State, and lets even throw in UConn. Now what school do you cross of 1st. Rutgers, Penn State, and UConn have a combined record of
9-0 vs Syracuse's 0-3. Now lets talk about total points:
Penn State: 135-34
Rutgers: 138-54
UConn: 105-31
now lets see what SU has done:

Now factor in Getting Blown out on national TV, then on the big ten network(thank god nobody get that station), and then on ESPN U which everyone with cable gets now.

Lets see now where am i going to go. Lets break this down some more, Syracuse can Offer playing time, start right now, and, and, nope that's it.

If i am a recruit,I have to be saying to myself why in my right mind would i want to get my butt kicked week in and week out, and not even look good doing it. Look at Joe Fields, he could start on any top 25 team, but because this team is so bad he looks like a bum. I have to say There is not a shot in hell any top recruit would come here unless a change is made. What change could it be:
1. new turf
2. new orange paint in the dome
3. some stupid statues that don't look like anybody coach with experience turning programs around(Dr. Gross you fooled us once that will not happen a 2ND time) I do not care what Pete Carroll says!

I have to say a new coach might be able to turn the tide, MIGHT BE ABLE!

So getting back to the whole coaching thing, My theory is this, Syracuse should cut there losses now, allow one of Grobs assistants to take over for the rest of the season(you might get surprised), Phil Early or Brian White could fill in nicely(lets face the facts it can't get any worse). Anyways by doing this a few things could happen, players might get a fire lit under there A$$ and you send a message now to possible recruits. Here is the message, We are Syracuse, We are not going to accept mediocrity, come here and win with us!

Cuse Fan

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