To Big Ten or to not Big Ten that is the Question

Saturday, September 29, 2007

what the f%$#

This is it, I have finally taken the gloves off. Grob need to go. His job was on the line, and he handed it over. As i was watching the game on the upper east side of NYC, I heard things like we held strong with Miami of Ohio. hello, this is Miami of Ohio, not Miami. what the f%^$. the only thing scarier, is how bad is Louisville. I first lost hope when, SU had 4th down and one with 4 minutes left, that was less than two feet by the way. What do they do they punt. Gross should have fired him that second. then the score is 14-17, Miami, SU just scored. what do they do, they do a semi onside and kick it 30 yards, so no su players could recover, don't they practice this. what in gods name do they practice.

This team has major issues. the only offense they have is on passes. there is no hope for any running, and any good coach can see that. Curtis Brinkley has no help, and should not have thus load of runs. why in gods name can a team run one year and the next it can't. yeah they pretty much had the same offense and defense. that says the injury on Brinkley was worse than anticipated, and he probably should not be playing. where is the balance, how many runs and passes where called in the second half, i bet the passes far out numbered the runs. i know what your thinking, last weekend when they won i was happy, but this is pathetic, the only thing worse would be a loss to Buffalo, and in all reality, it could happen. troy nunes is an absolute magician shut down the bowl count off, not going to happen!

grob this was miami of ohio not miami. get with the program. you have been an assistant for twenty years, there might be a reason for it. you should grow some balls, and resign, you are and never where up for the task of returning this team to prominence. leave us in misery NOW!!!!!