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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Is grob a recruiting master????

Could We all be wrong, Could Grob really be a good coach. The jury is out, but it seems that Grob could be the New York recruiting machine. He said that he wants to win the local recruiting war, and I believe that winning the home front is priority one. If you don't recruit local talent well your not going to be able to recruit outside the area. With today's announcement from Marcus Sales, and hopefully tomorrows commitment from Averin Collier, this could be a great class. Collier is the number ten ranked running back in this class and from all accounts it seems like he will be attending Syracuse in January. I have no idea what has gotten into Grob but i have heard from numerous sources that the players like him and that he comes off exceptionally well to recruits. So if he could finish this class out with a few juco offensive lineman and a few linebackers then we could be looking at a different team next year. Am I really saying this, Syracuse could win a bunch of games and grob could turn out to be the Savior of Syracuse. I still believe that for this team to turn around then Grob need to take over the defense and return to his first year form with a bunch of blitzing formations. Syracuse needs to attack, not stand back and hope for the best.

I have to say that the receiver corp is going to be amazing for a long time. With Preaster and Sales adding to Taj Smith and Mike Williams this could be a very fun team to watch. Hopefully with a healthy Deleone Carter, Doug Hogue and now possibly adding in Collier we are going to have a tallented bunch of running backs to support the air assault. The question still stands, can he bring in enough of a juco presents to turn around the oline. It seems that the offense is sahping up for Mitch Brown, hopefully he can have a quick turn around in Syracsue like he did in Minnesota.

Go Orange

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