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Monday, December 31, 2007

outlawed in '08

With the New year upon us there are some words and phrases that I do not want to hear again in the new year.

ACL- with two experienced starters going down before a single big east game was played it is no wonder why all the Syracuse fans in the world do not want to hear ACL come up in '08

Pistol- I am not sure what Grob and crew where thinking here but that might be the worst formation known to man.

losing season- with Syracuse coming off another losing season i am pretty sure that everyone who bleeds orange has had enough, lets get some wins for gods sake.

Rutgers- I am not sure who Rutgers thinks they are, but there will be a day and hopefully soon that Rutgers takes back it's rightful position in the basement of the Big East. Everyone deserves a day in the sun, but come on it's Rutgers for gods sake.

I am seeing good things- Hopefully Grobs memorable quote will go to the waste side along with his inept ability to win games.

Quick kick- I know so some people think that a quick kick has its place, personally i think it should be banned from football. Honestly give your offense a little credit, everyone once in a while you might be surprised, but not giving them the chance at all is bad for moral. most importantly i think this offense needed every down they could get.

more attempts than yards- how many games did you look at the stat sheet and almost vomit when you saw that the number of rushing attempts out numbered the gained yards!

dynasty- The basketball team flashing the symbol is one thing, but what is the deal with the football team doing it. do you really want to be remembered for wanting a losing dynasty, cut the shit guys.

worst uninis ever- with the announcement that the football uniforms will be tweaked once again brings some excitement to the fact that they can't get any worse so any improvement will be looked forward to.

down in front- now everyone and there mother has commented on this, i am going to bring it a step further. I honestly feel that if you are telling somebody down in front, or quiet down then you do not belong in the dome. Stay the fuck home and do your knitting. Now this brings me to the fact that we need an outdoor stadium. The fact is that grandma and grandpa will not come to the game and complain about not seeing the game if the temperature is forty degrees and windy. those people that complain will be home where they belong leaving the true fans to stand up and cheer.

the crying baby- sorry orange 44- i want wins so i never have to see the crying baby, don't get me wrong its funny but i would much rather have wins.

international bowl- from here on out i am going with the thought that we are going to win the big east every year, is this really so hard to believe, lets face the facts all these teams are average top fifty teams, winning the big east every year should not be asking for a lot. i want gator bowls, sugar bowls or whatever bcs bowls the big east gets, going to Toronto in December is not something i look forward to. now if you said it was in Montreal then game on, see you on Catherine St.

Doug Gottlieb- seriously how much can a Syracuse fan take, he keeps this shit up and i am going to start!

NIT- i will have to say that going to the NIT games in the dome was by far the most energetic and amazing experience i have ever had in the dome, due to the fact that all the down and fronters were no where to be found. i felt like i was in Cameron or rupp arena where cheering is allowed! but i would rather be watching Syracuse in the ncaa's!

ABA- What a crock of shit this league is, first they allow a team to fold mid season then they allow the same owner to start back up in another city less than one hundred mile away. what a joke. bring on a NBA Development league where we can watch players who might actually play in the NBA, and not ones that are one step away from the California penal league.

Local sports network- why is am620 allowed to call themselves the local sports network when they don't even have a local sports talk show on the air on Friday nor during the drive home. Bring back the axeman or down with 620.

Bud and the Manchild- is it just me or is the manchild the most obnoxious guy on the air. I would rather hear that asshole Jim Rome talk about how good he is! and what is the deal with Poliquin coming late and off on Friday, why don't they hire somebody who wants to be there. Bring back AXE. wow you would almost think i had a man crush on this guy, but i am just sick and tired of these two blow holes. GO LUDDEN CLASS OF '96

Wow i feel great now i just got 365 days of frustration out. up next are top words and phrases i want to hear in '08

State of the Orange OUT


MariusJanulisForThree said...

I'd like to think I'm personally responsible for your disdain of the International Bowl. My year is complete.

Brian Harrison said...

Hey man, don't feel sorry. I hate posting the kids. I wouldn't have to if we won some more games. My goal is to post more kids smiling/kids with puppies this year.

Chase said...

Thank you for the words about the people "down in front." I'm tired of people telling me to sit down. I was at the Northeastern game and nobody would make any noise. And I hate how everyone is in a hurry to sit down after the first basket. I want real fans damn it!