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Sunday, December 30, 2007

the ugly side of SU Basketball

So i have been wanting to talk more about the SU basketball teams problems. I wrote a story a few weeks ago that i feel was largely ignored due to the fact that SU basketball is all we have left. so i am going to repost it and add some to it.

This is what i wrote three weeks ago;
Well Here is the last of my Green bay trip posts. I was seated next to a certain NCAA Ref who lives in Syracuse and does alot of SU games. He told me and few of my buddies that the SU basketball Team is in shambles.If you had to guess, who on the SU basketball team would be the one mouthing off. If I had to guess, i would say Devo, Wrong!!! Now let me give you alittle more in site to this, this certain ref is good friends with Hopkins, and is also good friends with one of my buddies. Back to the story, He has told me that he has personally witnessed Johnny Flynn and Paul Harris tell Boeheim to shut the F#$% up and Leave me the F#$% alone. I feel that this could be the biggest problem with the team, if they are not listening, then they are not going to learn. I was also told that the reason that the recruiting classes have been so good, is because coach's like knight and Krzyzewski do not want these players cause they are hot heads and that they fear what they would do to the team chemistry. This ref also went one step further by saying that Hopkins actually went after Paul Harris in the Locker room for not listening and mouthing off. This does not seem like a marriage made in heaven. If this shit keeps up look for them to struggle throughout the season.

Now I am going to post a conversation that i had with Alex over at Cuse Chronicles.

State of the Orange: What do you think about this new class and all the off court rumors swirling around them?

Cuse Chronicles: I been a "part time" analyst for BB and FB for a while now (say 5-6 years off an on). I am going to say this and I hope that you do not take it the wrong way. That class that Boeheim got is because a lot of those players were off the radar of some of the more "narrowed" institutions. I am not sure what is going on with Jim Boeheim, who he has to prove himself to, but why go get all these kids that have played together and have a bond and are not going to listen to the HC as much when you could have easily could have had a decent team with lesser talent but more willingness to learn by going after other players. I feel like he (JB) is trying to win another NT at all cost. As they say, you sell your soul only once, hope that Boeheim didn't do it for this class. I also feel that these things happen because SU has no check and balance. The newspaper does not question anything that the team does (none of the teams). I am sure that if SU was in the South or West coast, where there are tons of other schools, and the media is a lot bigger, some of these things would come to the surface. Here in Syracuse with the paper being affiliated so tightly with the school it seems that for the most part there are the attacking articles but they go away mighty fast.

State Of the Orange: What do you feel is the biggest problem with the way this team is ran?

Cuse Chronicles: The biggest problem I have is the fact that the college hides them. What is the problem with admitting that there could be a problem and you are solving it? You think that by not saying anything people won't go looking into it? Actually the problem is that if you do not talk people will look into it, instead by admitting people will let it go. That is why I think that us "bloggers" need to be prudent, but effective in reporting the SU news.

Thank you Alex for your time.

To go deeper into this I have heard that Practices have been cut short do to team squabbles and not listening to the coaching staff. I just am dumbfounded that Boeheim would take this, if this was my team i would bench all the player until they grew up and learned some respect.

Another Rumor i heard was that the coaching staff went berserk after Paul Harris threw the ball of his own back board just to get another rebound and a double double during the Siena Game. I can not believe that these guys care more about their own stats then about the team and college that they represent.

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