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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

the new year, the new me!

well it's a new year and i hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. my new years resolution is to be more positive so i have decided to do the top things i look forward to in the new season.

Que the smiling baby- well the in the new year i hope there are alot of smiling babies over at my friends blog Orange 44. with the new recruits and a experienced young SU team hopefully Grob and Crew can right the sinking ship we call Orange Football

Que the count down- with a new year and my positive outlook i would love to see Sean over at Troy Nunes put up the count down to the Fiesta Bowl. Come lets get on this one, with USF getting smoked, and West Virginia in turmoil We can do it, bring on the BCS.

Alverin Collier- I want to hear Touchdown coming from the announcers alot this year i am pretty giddy about this guys chances in taking it to the house!

Mitch Browning- With the pistol formation all but dead(thank god) it looks like a balanced attack is near, and hopefully with alittle luck and maybe with a revamped Oline can open up some holes and get the dust off the shelved running game. If Browning can have the same effect he has had in the past how nice would it be to have two one thousand yard runners in the backfield Alla muroney and barber.

Gross- Hopefully the grass is greener on the other side and Gross puts his house on the block and makes the plunge to another fine institution where he can freely spend money and ruin someone else's prized programs, somebody get hostra and hobart on the horn! I hear that Harvard has alot of money bring them a national championship in football!

Cantor- hopefully our wonderful chancellor will keep her mouth shut and stay out of the way of the sports teams, do i have to remind everyone we could have had Colt Brennan!

The Dome- In the new year hopefully plans will be confirmed that the Teflon bubble will be popped! FOOTBALL NEEDS TO BE PLAYED OUTDOORS, who's with me!! Come on think about it Ernie Davis Stadium or the Dr Gross athletic field(god help us!)

National Blogger Day- with holidays pooping out of the wood work everywhere shouldn't we get a day off for all the hours we put into these blogs. or how about this idea we all take a day off from work and get drunk! Sean we can video patch you in!

winning season- how i yearn for the day that i can walk around in Orange and stand tall, I really hate telling people i am a Illinois fan! The Paper bag must come off soon, i need some sun!
Grob please for the love of god earn some of that money.

one more year- will the dome chant for more more year be heard this time or will Donte make the plunge for the NBA, Donte think about it, National Champion sounds great!

Woman's Hockey- I have to admit as much as I hate the fact that Gross is draining the pool I am very excited about the fact that there will be a woman's hockey team on the hill. For all who do not follow hockey there is a very deep talent pool in Syracuse who vie for the national championship every year. I know what your thinking, there girls, but seriously they are a fun game to watch!

The Express- What a great recruiting tool this is going to be. a major movie based on Syracuse football. amazing

Good luck SU in the new year and hopefully nest year we can be talking about a repeat for big east championship and maybe a national championship, i know i am crazy but like all resolutions it will go by the wayside by February.


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