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Thursday, January 3, 2008

taj,what are you thinking

As reported o n Taj smith is entering the NFL draft. Let me repeat myself cause i thought this was a joke at first, Taj Smith is entering the NFL draft. Interesting, I thought that a player who wants to be a receiver in the NFL had to have the ability to RECEIVE the ball, How many passes that were thrown to him were dropped. I bet that he dropped more than he caught. What the hell is this kid thinking. Hang on i am still in disbelief, is this the same guy that was the number two receiver on on Syracuse, that same team that averaged near the bottom of every stat that is recorded including passing yards! What is he thinking, this should have been an easy choice, one more year in college where he has no bills and can hone is skills for the following year or entering the NFL draft not get drafted, enter the CFL not get drafted and then get a job and say welcome to McDonald's can I take your order. This rates as the stupidest thing i have ever heard. good luck Taj nice knowing you!

Let me post some of the comments left on

Taj had some good moments but entering the draft? Good luck in the cfl, maybe

hahahahahahahahaha- o ya? what is that porcelin framed, alligator armed, stone handed wide out thinking? the NFL???? hahahahahah , Syracuse Express/Storm maybe. . . prolly not tho

you have to have talent and skills to catch passes for a living. . . . KEY WORD . . .. "CATCH" this article is a joke right?

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Anonymous said...

You and the others who posted comments on are idiots! The man is 25, he aint gettin any younger. 25 is old in the NFL. The man is got one chance to make the dough. he wasnt born with a silver spoon in his mouth, as i'm sure you were!