To Big Ten or to not Big Ten that is the Question

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Interesting Game last night at the dome. I am not sure what the oddest thing i saw last night was but I feel i need to tell everyone my night.

1. Grob sighting- yes the man actually is alive and well, I spotted him last night leaving his court side seat behind his body guard Gross and walked up to speak to the common folk in 109. I was hoping that i would not have to see his mug until spring ball but with my luck anything can happen.

2. Coaching staff vs players - has anybody taken a look down the SU bench lately, if you haven't then you really should. count the coaches then count the active players. If your math is correct you will end up with 9 coaches and 11 players. this doesn't include trainers. What do all these people do. Boehiem does not call offensive plays and other than changing from zone to man that is all the calls you will see, so who are these guys and why are they on the bench. I was talking to a few people last night and we were all dumb founded by this. The interesting thing is, the one man that should be on the bench that isn't is Gerry Mcnamara, remember the guy that Boeheim once proclaimed was the guy that if we did not have would not win 10 fucking games, the one that writers were calling over rated, and the very same guy that i believed would be working in a coal mine after college. Well that guy should be on the bench. Why is Lazarus Simms on the bench, what does he do, let me tell you what I saw, I saw Simms talking to Devo all game, It looked like these two guys were practicing for there stand up comedy act. so we dump Simms and a few of the no names at the end of the bench, they can put GMac on the bench were he belongs, leading Syracuse. think about the recruiting machine this kid youwould be!

3. Does anybody wonder what was going through the empty mind of Jimmy B last night.What would be your first instinct when your best player picks up his third foul? If it was me calling the shots i would sit him down so we can have him in the second, not jimmy b he keeps him in there so he can pick up number four. During a game when there where more fouls then assist and turnovers do you really want to take the chance of losing your star.

4. This one was my favorite, about midway through the second half i witness Paul Harris calling for the ball, well this would usually be normal but during this instance Harris pretty much was giving this guy a piggy back ride. most people would not want the ball during that moment but Harris wanted it and when he got it he immediately got whistled for the foul!

5. this one takes the cake. All week i have been bitch about the "down in fronters"! Well this was amazing during a game that had the energy of two kids playing paper football during detention i saw the ushers pleading for people to get up and cheer. This was great so i get up and start screaming defense(even though this is a moo point) but i got up and cheered and was having fun for the first time all game when i heard grandma who honestly was knitting. wait till you hear what they were saying, Down in front!! I wanted to reach out and rip there half dead souls out of there body's, when a Davine force supersede, a whole beer was spilled over them. True Story, best part of the game honest!


Jameson said...

I'll be at the game tomorrow in my orange hunting vest, orange camoflauge pants, and orange bandana up in the upper deck somewhere. Making the trip all the way from Allentown, PA for this game.

josh from cuse country said...

I will say that I only watched the game on TV but I don't share your disdain for JB's coaching decision to leave Greene in the game (#3). The Orange offense this year is pretty moribund without Greene on the floor. And Donte will have to learn to play with 3 fouls, if he is going to be any factor on defense or the glass. It looked like he learned his lesson somewhat -- he played a long stretch against USF while in foul trouble and was more careful not to pick up another one.

As for the surfeit of coaches, most coaches won't have much to do during games. (This isn't football.) But I'm sure they are all busy during practices -- heck, with the dwindling roster, I wouldn't be surprised if Z Sims was suiting up during practice so they can scrimmage 5-on-5. He was playing professionally last year. And even if not, I'm sure he has had a lot to do with Flynn's early success as a playmaker.