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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Whats wrong with discipline

Another College coach is on the unemployment line. Rumor has it Jim Leavitt has been fired from USF. I kind of saw this one coming after the Mike Leach firing. I personally believe that this whole thing is crazy. This is football not chess, coaches need to discipline their players. If this is going to be the new trend then Doug Marrone better watch out, he seem to run his team with a Stalin like iron fist. I am in shock that these two coaches have been let go, I remember growing up and attending catholic schools and if we ever misbehaved, out came the ruler and we would get wacked across the knuckles. I have to say that I am glad that I was raised that way; I learned very quickly right from wrong. This is the problem with the youth today. Coaches like Marrone, Leavitt, and Leach should be honored not persecuted. One day these kids are going to thank these guys, it's too bad it has come to this.

There should be no crying in football either!

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Christopher said...

you sound like a 50 y.o. man