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Monday, January 4, 2010

2nd chances could lead to the orange spread

Wondering who will be replacing Rob Spence up in the coach's box I can't help but think Mike Leach. Sure he punishes his players by locking them in storage rooms, but hey Marrone is king of laying the law. If Marrone hires Mike Leach, all he has to say to his players is behave or coach leach is going to bring you to the wood shed. Come on this could work. I know what you're thinking, Mike Leach he is on the Tiger list of do not talk to, but hey we are Syracuse, king of second chances. First off Grob, come on how many chances did that guy have. Dr. Gross, after firing Coach P, he hires Grob and gets to stick around to right the sinking ship and hire Marrone. Boeheim, after certain recruiting violation he comes back and eventually wins the whole damn thing and gets to wear that crazy hat. Edelin, for god's sake he got like twelve chances, and last but not least a certain cheese cake ordering point guard. Enough of the second chances just picture the possibilities; the dome and its field turf is a perfect match for a high energy attacking offense like Texas Tech has had. Now picture some kind of hybrid between the wild cat, the saint's offence and Texas tech's offense. Now that is a super offence, how about The Orange Spread. Two last things, SU has the money, no question about it, and last year during our coaching search Gross said this, "I love watching Texas Tech play. It's my favorite offense to watch." Interesting, could Gross been looking into his crystal ball, finger crossed. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose!

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Ted said...

Good luck getting Leach, would be nice though.