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Friday, August 21, 2009

Players leaving

Searching the Internet for anything SU, all I see is how many people have left the team. Then I opened my Email and found this from a friend

Hey Guys,

I am pumped for the new season...but you have to admit that a frightening number of players have left under the new coach.

I guess our starting kicker / punter just left today and a walk-on is replacing him - 2 weeks before our first game. That is huge shitty news.

I am excited for the new coach and cannot wait to see the team play (I am going to the home opener), but I think something is messed up if so many players are leaving.


Let's start out talking about the amount of players who have left the team. First off it is normal for some turnover after a new coach is hired. This happens for a lot of reason, does not fit into scheme, going to see less playing time, does not agree with new coach, or maybe does not like switching positions. Of course there is other reason, but this is normal and it happens. Since lane Kiffin has taken over,Tennessee has lost 12 players and Auburn with Chizec lost 11 players. Since Steve Kragthorpe took over Louisville 20 players have left the team.

When asked about the players who have left the team Darrel Smith said, we've got a whole 'nother coaching staff," he said. "And we got rid of a few players. Some were good players, but obviously they weren't, um, appropriate; they weren't the right guys for our team. So we got rid of all those bad seeds and now we can grow as a team. As a good team.

As for the Starting kicker Shane Rauper, if I had to guess Shane could not handle the pressure of being the starting kicker on a d1 football team. I am glad that he realized it now and not during a key moment during a game. Also I have heard since Lichtenstein has taken over as the starter he has been money. As per Donnie Webb, he was consistently banging them through. On the final kick from about the 50 with players huddled around trying to create pressure, Lichtenstein made the kick. From where he was starting camp - in which he looked out of place - to where he is now in terms of being serviceable is worthy. Besides take a look at his name tag on the helmet. He is $!!!!

Charlie I hope this has answered a few of your questions, see you up on the hill! Go Orange

Syracuse football's Ryan Lichtenstein and Rob Long

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