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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where were you when you heard the news

I have an interesting story to share. Trying to beat the heat yesterday I decided to head to armory square to get a few cold drinks with a few friends. After being way over served at a few watering holes we decided to head to kitty hoynes where the a/c was blaring. After a few more pops I noticed my buddy talking to this rather tall well built man and his wife, my curiosity was peaked. So I go to investigate, nothing of interest well back to the others. A few more shots go down the throat, things getting cloudy, after a brief conversation with this tall stranger where I may or may not have insulted him, I did, I decided it was in my best interests to stay away. A FEW SECONDS LATER IT HIT ME, THE CATCH ON THE 3 YARD LINE, that is Chris Gedney, shit!!! I decided that I should go back over and apologize and by him a drink, not a good idea. The drink chip was rifled back at me like a 95 mph Joba fast ball. After trying again to apologize by buying another drink chip he finally accepted and allowed me into his conversation. This is where it gets interesting, I feel my phone vibrate , chris grabs his phone, and my buddy grabs his phone, interesting. I grab my phone and see that Greg Paulus was just named QB1. Conversation now in full swing about SU football, Chris tells me that he is not surprised and thinks it was a good choice. He also tells me that Charlie Loeb is going to be very good and that the coaches think that he is the real deal. I had to know about the catch so I decided to press my luck, jokingly he told me that it's Graves's fault that they did not win because he threw the ball three yards short. I may have a man crush on this guy. The moral of the story is don't piss off former football players especially ones that are twice your size.

Go SU!

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