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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

this is great

The day the music died
Posted by DWebb October 16, 2007 10:52AM
Categories: Mailbag
Juicey Willis (or is it Juice Williams) sent this email today:
I can still remember how
The Orangemen used to make fans smile.
And I knew if I had my chance,
That I'd go to the Dome just for a glance,
And maybe, I'd be happy for a while.
But the past three years have made me shiver,
Just six wins, GRob can't deliver,
Bad news our AD is inept...
Maybe the last coach we should have kept.
I can't remember if I cried
Inside a paper bag my head will hide
But something will touch me deep inside,
The day, SU Football...died.
So my, my oh my head, oh my
Used to roll Buffalo 'til we hired this guy
His good ol' boys will drink whisky and drive
Singing this will be the day that SU Football dies
this will be the day that SU Football dies
- Donnie

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