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Friday, October 19, 2007

top twenty

Sorry about not having any articles the past few days, i feel like i have been spinning my wheels the past few weeks. Anyways, I read The #*$@?&% It's how we feel, and it really stinks article from my new role model, Bud Poliquin. Bud, I have to hand it to you, to write this article and then have the balls to submit it. kudos to you. So Bud Thank you for getting me out of my slump. I am now going to comment on all twenty.

1. On the players stinking. Other than a select few, these players are god awful, Taj what happened to you, last year you would catch everything in site, this year Arob has to pull a Paul Blake and fire a ball into your cage for you to come down with it. Your better than that, stop projecting! as for the rest of the team, the oline couldn't block out my ninety year old grandmother(god rest her soul), If i didn't know better, i would think Nick Chestnut was getting paid by the other teams to miss tackles and play that Ole defense we have all learned to love! Hey here is an idea the season is over, screw these seniors (other than Joe fields)and play some freshman!

2.Grob, your resume might be the best thing that Gross saw, i personally think it should be used as a liner for my bird cage. why were you the assistant def. coordinator at Texas, Why were you fired from those NFL Teams, I know cause your balls were removed sometime in,the last few decades, hey your the man here, take some risks for gods sake!

3.On the Coach's, this makes me sick, Gross what the hell, you spent over a million on Grob and then you bring coach's from schools like Northeastern, Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo, James Madison and Northwest High School in Maryland, what are you kidding me! where did you find Norm Chow, an ally sorting through a dumpster!

4. see two, i can only repeat myself so many times before i want to puke!

5.The Iowa play calls, come on, did a qb sneak come to mind, you did have three hundred pound qb.. That right there represents what is so wrong with this staff, They think one way, and if someone sniffs it out, then there is no change! do you know what, i think if you don't change now, you guys will be changing your area codes!

6. I have a great Idea for the offensive coordinators, lets put arob in the pocket with no full backs or running backs to block and we will call the formation the pistol. i have a better name for it, "the i am a fucking moran who thinks my oline can block"(i'm seeing good things).

7. National championship, as this stage we wouldn't win a round robbin with New York teams. Gross I thought you knew something about football, you have made it worse!

8.Cantor, I have no words other than the buck stops with you, you hire Gross, he in turn hired Grob, see where i am going with this.

9. and 10. i am going to combine cause i think they are one in the same. Image is everything, and when you have "the worst uniforms in d1" then you walk onto the field with the energy of a 400lbs guy on Dr Phil! and think you are re filming remember the titans, ps the titans were good, your not, move on!

11. the carrier dome, key world carrier as in the air condition company. worst place to watch a game, could not imagine playing their. so all you guys bitching about the weather in Syracuse, whats wrong with the game day temps.

12. Hey Daryl if your team wins a few games you would not have to sell your soul to the man. it's disgraceful in there, the subway race, the time warner dice thing, the music, although the kiss me song is a hit. let the band play for god's sake, last time i checked this is college football, it is supposed to be pure.

13. who are you going to role out next for half time, the inventor of the post it note, what a crock of shit. maybe the remaining Beatles will reunite and play at half time, that might sell the dome out tomorrow.

14. the pa guy needs to shut up, he is awful, the only thing worse is the crunch announcer, here are the CRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHH. bring back the old guy. who does hoe think he is harry Carrie!

15. recruiting, three good recruits in a year does not win football games. by the way with every three star recruit, you get 5 no star projects. not going to help you win is it.

16. and 17. the demise of the program starts with coach P. staying to long, Crouthamel pissing off the fans and boosters, the lack of reinvesting into a money maker, ie the dome looked like a missile silo with tarp over the top, the weight room was fit for the 56 team, and there were high school teams with better turf! hey blue chipper, come to Syracuse we are heading in the right direction!

18. how did we get here! hey look at it this way, we lose to buffalo and there is only one way to go, up!

19. as for the fans, tell me to shut up or sit down and I will stick my foot up your no talent sons ass!, try to tackle somebody this week Mr. X!

20. Bud Poliquin for head coach and Mayor who's with me!

here is what the dome is going to look like the rest of the season

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