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Friday, November 23, 2007

I am a good coach, I don't think so!

I came across this interview. JD Griggs, a defensive end committed to Syracuse but has changed his mind and has decided to go to temple. The reason for this, Syracuse coach's were not keeping in contact with him.
check this out;

J.D. Griggs had been committed to Syracuse for quite some time, but recently he chose to change his mind and give a verbal commitment to the Temple Owls. We spoke to Griggs recently about why he had the change of heart and found the answer to our question was not simply a matter of liking one school better then the other.
J.D. Griggs has been having a fine season for Piscataway High School, amassing five sacks from his defensive end position and scoring six touchdowns and three two-point conversions as a tight end. Recently, the 6-foot-4, 220-pound athlete decided it would be best for him to be at Temple instead of Syracuse and he explained why. “Lately Syracuse hadn’t been in contact with me very much, if at all honestly, so my parents and I had been leaving messages for the coaching staff and emailing them, but never got any responses,” Griggs explained. “Then I started hearing rumors that the staff was going to be replaced, so when you mixed those two things together I didn’t think it was a good situation for me to be in.” “Temple offered me on Tuesday after I took a visit to the school and I accepted that on the spot for a number of reasons,” Griggs said. “First, my coaches know some of the staff at Temple and have had great things to say about them and I also have two friends I grew up that play there in Michael Campbell and Derek Dennis who give them high praise as well.
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Then I came across this guy from utica who called Brian White and he has yet to get back to him. “I called Coach White on Thursday morning at about 10 a.m. and left him a voicemail that I was committing to Syracuse, but he hasn’t called me back yet,” Preaster said.
Here is that link DeAndre Preaster.

What the hell is going on up there. Is this the direction that Syracuse wants to keep going in. Does this seem like they are competent. I don't think so.This is the problem with these guys. They are not capable of recruiting, they are not capable of getting a team prepared, and they are not capable of teaching the basics. How can anybody walk up to a podium and say that He is a good coach when clearly he is not!

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