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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I am on Strike!!!!

Am I being too Hasty with my decision that Grob needs to go,I really do not think so, let me rephrase that, I know so! I am disgusted to hear rumors that grob will be coming back next year. I am sickened that this administration would make the same mistake as the last and keep someone that is not fit to do the job. I opened up today and read the Axeman's post about the rumor that grob will be coming back for another season. I then opened up Donnie Webbs post saying the same thing! I am disgusted with the notion of the fairness doctrine. Do you know what is not fair, that we the fans, the very same people that pay these peoples salaries are not heard. Do you know what would change there minds quickly, an empty Dome next year. Let me be the first to say, that after Cincy i will not purchase a single ticket, I will not go to a game, I will not even pay to park my car at SU. Wait a minute, just thought of something, remember that saying, We are the only horse in town, well not anymore. Lets go Bulls!

Anyways, I vow to all my readers, I vow to all my fellow Syracuse fans, If I hear that Grob is coming back, I will not attend a single event on the SU Campus, I will not Subscribe to anything that makes SU money, and I will not purchase anything that will bolster revenue for Syracuse. I am including my beloved Basketball team also. This Veto will be in effect until Syracuse either fires Grob, or Syracuse gos to a bowl game. Considering that this Head Coach could not lead a pee wee football team then I guess I will not be going until he is run out of town.

I know what your thinking, this is not the way to do this, it make Syracuse look worse, it will make recruiting more difficult, and it would be hurting the program even more. Well Guess what, that is insane. Do you know who would be hurting this program even more, it's the brain trust's on the hill, Keeping Robinson and his band of loser's is not only disrespectful to the legacy of the program, but more importantly it will further the the destruction of the football program. This must not be allowed to happen. The only way to teach these people is threw their wallets. How hard would it be to add the new buildings if the Dome is Empty and revenue is not brought in. How hard would it be pay those inflated and bloated salaries of the chancellor, and how hard would it be for the Spiffy Dr Gross to redecorate his box or even better, purchase another hideous suit.

Wait I just thought of something even better, How about this. The Super intelligent DR. Gross and The Amazingly PC Nancy Cantor promises that if Grob Loses next year then everyone will resign. If I hear that then you have my blessing, Hell I will even make the first campaign sign GROB ONE MORE YEAR! Then all of Syracuse's problem would be gone. I will be sitting in my seat in the dome counting the blowouts in '08. Go SU!

Who's with me!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

haha, nice man!

It's unbelievable! I am going to the Cincy game saturday and if it's more "stay the course" I AM DONE AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!

keep up the great posts!


Anonymous said...

You're crazy meatloaf!!! Fuck!


Anonymous said...

No way this happens . . Its all rumor, anyone can see the program is on the wrong track!

If pigs fly out my ass & this does happen i have to say you would be an IDIOT for boycotting hoops. This team is special & a pure joy to see in person.

Would you watch the games on TV or is this a halfassed boycott? I assume your blogging would cease as well?

That being said . . . keep up the good work, like the blog and dont DENY yourself Cuse Hoops, you deserve it if you are a CUse football fan