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Saturday, October 13, 2007

the f@#$ of it all

You know what, this is rock bottom. I don't even think a loss to Buffalo could make this even worse. When you walk out of the Dome and you say "oh well" when you lose to Rutgers, there is definitely a problem. Where did this game go Arie?

1. Taj Smith dropped ball on a key Third down in the second quarter

2. The third and five run, what are you thinking about with that play call.

3. the fumble at the end of the 1st half. Can somebody block before arob gets killed!

4. Nick Chestnut couldn't stop a pee wee receiver Kenny Britt 6 receptions for 176 freaking yards!
5. Missed tackles, missed tackles, missed tackles. Fundamentals, fundamental, fundamental
What is going on here. What did we do so wrong to deserve this. Want to know rock bottom, how about the highlight of the game came during the kiss me song and you see a triple kiss!

Want to know how bad things are, i was talking to a player's father during the game he said his son is not having fun, he has lost all respect for the coach's, and he would give anything for the prior coaches to return! Now this is a monster of a problem. How about this, the day his son committed to Syracuse, they were ranked 14th in the country!

Why are these dbs giving receivers ten yards on third and five, what ever happened to jamming the receivers on the line! Let me do the math here, they need five, we are giving them ten, first down! Some defensive Guru.

I am so over this, every coach on this team needs to go! Please Dr. Gross, take us out of our misery, fire Grob now.

Honestly i could not feel any worse about this team. What can be done to save this program, save the fans, and save the players? A loss to Buffalo and you might as well drop football and save the swim team!

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