To Big Ten or to not Big Ten that is the Question

Thursday, October 11, 2007

shut the f#$% up

I am not sure how many people have caught this, but I have noticed this stupidity numerous times over the past few years. The stupidity in question is the, “we should bring back Coach P and Jake” line. Let me ask you this, are you F&*%ing nuts. Allow me to shed some light on this.

Coach P- linebacker coach in Dallas. Now this is a great fit, not a head coach, no real pressures, does not have to deal with the media

George Deleone- offensive coordinator at Temple, HELLLLOOOOOOOO at Temple, Temple lost to Buffalo, enough said.

Chris Rippon- Olde Miss’s secondary coach. How does a defensive coordinator for Syracuse not get another top job in d1 by now, I will tell you, he’s not good enough.

Jake Crouthamel after his moronic banter about top 25, big east championships, and so on and so fourth, Jake retired not to be heard from again! Please nobody flip over that rock!

So out of all these guys, there is not one coach with a comparable job. Deleone is with Temple for god’s sake! This alone should shed some light on the subject. How does the top Coach’s for a perennial power house not be able to get comparable jobs anywhere else? Answer, they were has beens and never will be’s! How can you want this back!

Anyways let’s get back to the question. How can anyone in there right mind want those guys back. The only defense I can somewhat except is; at least they won 4 to 6 games a years and went to a bowl every other. Is that really good enough, NOT FOR ME and it should not be for you either. Remember the painful losses to Rutgers, Temple, Blow outs to Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech. This program is going to come back, if not with Grob then somebody else. It must and it WILL. Say what you want about Dr. Gross, but he knows football, he will get it done.

Now on the Grob front; remember he only has two years of his own recruits. Rome was not built over night, and either will this program. When the P regime was run out of town, Ray Rice left too, now that was a huge loss, but there were a lot more needs then a RB. Who were the QBS, Perry Patterson, an over weight broken down never would be who ran like he was in quicksand. Then you had Matt Hale who couldn’t pass on 690. So a new coach with no experience comes into a depleted program with no talent. This seems like a recipe for disaster! I bet you called for P’s head once or twice, now you are calling for Grob’s. Are you going to want him back in a few years! Stop being stupid, know the facts, open your eyes, and stop bandwagoning. If you are not supporting this team now in there time of need, then stop bitching and find something else to do. I hear there is a huge sale at Bed Bath and Beyond this weekend! See you all at the game. GO SU!

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