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Sunday, November 4, 2007

What might have been.

I am trying to figure out how dumb Greg Robinson is. How is it possible that two people that were one time coaches at Syracuse have moved on to bigger and better things, and never was there a thought to try to retain them.

1.David Walker who was an SU Player and later coach of the running backs. Under Walker, Syracuse had 4 Thousand yard rushers in a row and on his last year he had a tandem threat with Reyes and Rhodes. Now lets think about Saturdays game, how many yards rushing did we have. Smart move Greg, this once again brings me to the question, why not retain Walker, what he was not a good recruiter, wrong. David Walker was the reason for the number eight running back in the country going to Pitt. LeSean McCoy told reports after the game that he owes his improvement to David Walker.

2.Two years away from Syrcause and he is the Offensive Coordinator of Alabama. Yes I said Alabama, you know that team coached by Nick Saban. So how is that Nick Saban saw something but Grob did not have the smarts to offer him anything he wanted to stay at Syracuse. By the way Major went to Rice after Syracuse. I can Tell you this, I watched the bama game yesterday and i saw some great play calls. I saw calls that went right after the other team. I know we do not have the players that bama has, but we do have two really good receivers, and two good quarterbacks. This is what was said about Major after one season as Coordinator at Rice; The youngest coordinator in Division I football, Major Applewhite stepped right into the job and masterminded an offensive genesis at Rice that shattered the perception of the Owls as a one-dimensional attack and replaced it with an attack that showed versatility, creativity and an ability to score from any spot on the field at any time. Let me ask you this, who would you rather have calling plays, Brian White or Applewhite? You Know where I stand!

How do these guys get away from us. With Major Apple White working with our QBs and calling plays that goes for the opposing teams jugular. Then David Walker working with our back, what might have been.
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