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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dar Dar in the house

I have some inside knowledge on the offensive line. I was attending the
Local Car Show at the OnCenter when I ran into Kirby Dar Dar. I first want to mention how impressed I was with his honesty and candidness. Kirby spoke freely about his thoughts on what the problems are with SU football.

Kirby mentioned that he was around the SU football team off and on last season and that he noticed that the Offensive lineman where not in the weight room nearly enough and that coaches did not push the issue. He told me that in his day the guys from the oline were constantly in the weight room and that all of them could squat at least seven hundred pounds. He was saying that these guys could not even get to five hundred. He added that he was even over 600lbs as a small running back and that helped him get threw the line. Kirby said that these guys are on the softer side and that is a bad attitude to have for an olineman who should be one of the toughest people the team. Kirby was saying that there technique is not far off. The problem is with their strength. It is tough to move somebody who can push harder than you!

With the new recruiting class signed and on their way to the hill I noticed the lack of linemen and I hope that Grob and Browning have a plan. I have said this before and I will say it again, If SU can figure out the line problems then they are not that far off. The question is can the coaches fix this so the players and the fans can finally sit back and joke about the bad years that are finally behind us. I hope so; I am not sure how much more I can take.

One last thing Kirby also said that he believes that Grob will get this turned around and that we are heading in the right direction.

Real men bleed Orange!!!!
Go SU!

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Anonymous said...

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Poncho Sinatra said...

Kirby Dar Dar was probably the best name ever to come out of Syracuse football ever!! He is at God Shamgod level... Lets hope he is right with the new recruits...


josh from cuse country said...

We mentioned something like this when they got a commitment from M Marinovich. MM said one reason he liked SU was their "modern" approach to strength and conditioning -- they emphasize agility and flexibility, which a lot of pro teams do. The problem is that pro teams are working with guys 22 years old, who have finished growing, and who are already the strongest guys out there so by emphasizing agility the pro teams try to get a new edge. That's not going to work with college kids or be of as much advantage in the college game where the variability in talent is much higher and the development much lower.

MJD said...

Kirby Dar Dar got cut from the XFL.