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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

the goings on in syracuse

What a day for Syracuse teams! The not so Raging Bullz have left town as quickly as they came in. The Official report is that the lack of attendance was the factor. Oncenter Spies have told me that the lack of marketing was the sole reason for the departure and they felt with proper advertising the team could have thrived here. They went so far to tell me that they even tried to lower the rent for the next few home games and split the cost of advertising. well i guess we will have to move on, no more 4 point plays, no more team names that are spelled wrong, and no more DayShawn Wright . The raging bullz have officially left the building.

Fresh off the heals of Grobs shaking it up speech Brian White has been fired as offensive Coordinator. Not sure why he chose to start there, but any change in my book is welcome. The interesting thing is going to be if they spend some money on a name brand coach or they go and do the Syracuse thing and hire some reject from a school like Hofstra. It's going to be interesting. I hope that they change the offense to the spread and bring somebody in who know how to implement it. The thing that gets me about this who thing is why grob chose to start with the offensive coordinator and not the oline coach or the defensive coordinator. My last thing is, why does Syracuse refuse to announce things like other schools with a press conference. Why do we have to wait for three days and then get a press release. why do they not man up and tell us what in gods name is going on. I for one want to know how things are going to be changed, I want to know what is going on, and for a million dollars a year grob should get behind that podium and tell us what he is doing.

Demetris Nicols was released by the Cleavland Cavaliers. With Lebron James out, and Cleavland on a losing streak the club has decided to go in a different direction.

Lastly the SU basketball Team travels to Virginia to face the Cavaliers. I hate to label this game as a must win, but it is. With the recent 2-2 record facing quality opponents Syracuse needs to pull off this win to add some glitz to there non conference record. We don't want another NIT year do we.

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