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Sunday, October 21, 2007

na na na na Hey

Break out the Champagne, We have something to Celebrate, or do we. I know Grob a win is a win, but barly beating Buffalo, should we be proud of that. I am not totally sure how to take the win on Saturday. Part of my wants to jump for joy that we won a game, then i think we only beat Buffalo by how much? Really that can't be right, then i remember the Greg Robinson Regime has been lack luster at best and say o'thats right we are that Syracuse Team. I need to congratulate the Syracuse team and coaches on this one. Yes you heard me right, i did include the coaches. There were some play calls that showed some brilliance, the play action pass in the endzone, wow. The bomb to taj out of our own endzone, not bad, and lets not forget the option calls(Andrew learned to slide for gods sake. Now on the players side, I have to hand it to guys like Joe Fields, Niko Scott, and Nick Chestnut. Niko your like a Timex watch out there, you take a lickin and keep on tickin! After talking to some players parents during the game, i have found a new respect for these guys, especially for Nick Chestnut. This guy at times has been ran all over the place, but this guy bleeds Orange. Nick your a gamer, keep trying your hardest! How about the bad luck that Grob has, Loses Delone Carter for the Season, now he loses Curtis Brinkley. The Brinkley thing is unfortunate cause he was showing signs of getting back to last years form. Know we bring out Doug Hogue and he runs all over Buffalo. I was sitting with alot of the players parents, and they all said before the game that he is going to be a "baller", who new his turn would have come so quickly. How about Mike Williams catching his 5th straight td pass. Congrats on that one.

Here is a shout out to The Man on the hill, Daryl Gross, who new you could see into the future, we are number one in New York, Great job. Now if you can only right another wrong and bring back Section 3 football to the Dome! Oh and don't let me forget about the Diving and Swimming programs

As for Greg Robinson, I saw good things out there. I also saw stupid penalties, alot of 3rd and longs being made by Buffalo, and my biggest problem of not getting on the receivers at the line. If its 3rd and 5 and you are giving the guy ten yards, chances are pretty good that he is going to make the 1st down, but that's just me, there has to be a reason your down there making 1 million and i am in good old 130 helping to pay you salary!
Niko Scott, for the never say your hurt attitude. Great hitting out there

Doug Hogue for your break out game

Jeremy Sellers nice fumble recovery

Mike Williams for continuing your td streak

Ballhype: hype it up!

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