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Saturday, November 3, 2007

another stinger

The Syracuse Football team gave us another hard loss to swallow. It seems that if there is a way to lose Syracuse is going to find it. Just think about this, there is always a silver lining, SU basketball starts today and with that we should see a win. Back to football, with nine games down, and two wins the good news is there is only three games left. the bad news is they are against cincy,usf, and uconn.(not good) That leads me back to this loss to Pitt.

Did anybody notice the replays of the offensive line blocking for Arob and Dantley. This is what I noticed, on every replay of a sack. I noticed the same constant, number 75 Ryan Durand getting burned,not blocking anybody, or getting knocked down. My question is, after three years how does a guy not understand that his sole job is block and protect his quarterback. Now I do not mean to call out just Ryan cause we all know that the whole line is awful but i noticed him on at least three replays.

My next gripe is with coaching. I think somebody needs to tell Grob about a play called the field goal block or maybe the thing called a punt block. Why not try to block a field goal when it is late in the 4Th, or when you have them pinned in there end zone. I am under the impression that these guys refuse to try to make something happen. for some reason they think things are going to work themselves out. Greg how that working for you. My next problem is why are you calling for a run play on 3rd and long. in all honesty what is three yards extra, especially when your down. somebody needs to grow some balls and start making your own fortune. Make things happen, sure sometimes they are not going to work out, but there is always a chance something good could happen.

My last problem or I guess i should say jealousy is the atmosphere in all the college stadiums. I watch the LSU Alabama game. I forgot what an exciting time an actual college game is. We have it so bad that even the players walking out of the tunnel use less energy then a 500lb man laying on the couch. Did anybody notice the band playing through out the game, the cheerleaders cheering, and the crowd on their feet making noise. The powers that be in the dome should take note, that is how college should be like. I never noticed commercials, and obnoxious announcer, or running sandwiches. another tip, if you have a fun product you would not have to have all those stupid give a ways, people would come cause they want too be there. Syracuse you guys have your head so far up corporate America's ass, you have lost site of whats important, the game!

I will give credit where credit is due, Nick Chestnut,Cameron Dantley, Mike Williams, Defensive line, and Taj Smith, great game.

The shit stain awards go to; the su running game that managed more attempts then yards, the special teams unit who could not manage to stop anybody, Bruce Williams who managed another game without a punt return yard, Brian white who has become so predictable that a blind person could tell you what is coming next, and Grob who managed to once again leave his balls with his wife.

Ballhype: hype it up!

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