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Sunday, November 25, 2007

it's over

It's finally over. I have to admit that this was the hardest season that i have ever had to bear. How can anybody look forward to next year. Imagine a team without Jameel McClain and Joe Fields. With those two guys gone how is this defense that could not stop Miami of Ohio going to stop the likes of Buffalo next year. Where is the defense going to come from? Where is the Offensive line going to come from?

So know it's time, we the Syracuse Fan needs to wait and see. In the next few days we are going to find out if our "Great Guy" Coach will be back, and if he is back how is he going to right his sinking ship. I for one do not see Grob being the right man for the job. I feel that we have gone backwards in every facet of the game, and in all honesty i really do not see him turning the corner. I now that i have touched on this before, but Grob and his band of brothers are not Teachers, they are guys that for some reason can not invoke there views on their players. This is the over all problem. Grob has been an NFL coach for so long I feel that he just does not have the teaching skills necessary at this level, Especially with a team that is so young and needs to be taught. How does a team give up 11 sacks in one game, How are guys are going through the line with out even being touched or looked at? 11 sacks is acceptable at all. Two season with 10 loses is not acceptable, and bringing back a coach that feels we are going in the right direction is not acceptable.

Announced attendance Last night was just over 30000 people, i would have to say 15000 was more like it. How many millions of dollars in revenue lost is it going to take, how many embarrassing blowout on TV is it going to take. how many local recruits lost is going to take, and how many articles bashing Syracuse from the local and national media is it going to take to open your eyes and make a change. Grob must go!

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