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Monday, November 26, 2007


After a weekend of division 1 football coach's losing there jobs. Syracuse still has yet to make a decision on Greg Robinson. I am very confused why there has not been an announcement as to Grob's future with Syracuse. Either way Dr. Gross should make a decision quickly. If he is to be fired do it now and get somebody in here to save this years recruiting class, if he is to stay make an announcement and let this bum go out and sign some more d2 players. The fact that there is a high probability that Grob will be retained is disgusting. Look at Georgia Tech who just fired a coach with a winning record. they have decided that mediocrity will not be accepted. The fan at Syracuse would go ballistic over a 7-5 record. It would feel like we are floating on cloud 9. Under Gailey, the Yellow Jackets never lost fewer than five games in a year. Gailey has four years left on his contract at $1 million annually. There was some speculation that Georgia Tech's financially strapped athletic program would be reluctant to buy out the coach, but Radakovich clearly decided that it would be more damaging to offend the big-money boosters by keeping Gailey. This should be noted in Syracuse Decision to retain Grob. The fact that the actual attendance for Saturdays game was around 15000 which means that the Dome was 2/3 empty. How Can The Carrier Dome be 2/3 empty on the last home game an on Senior day. Is this what Syracuse wants, what is the Dome going to look like next year when there is no hope for a turn around and a tougher schedule looming. Where is Syracuse going with this. If the goal was to turn Syracuse into a D2 Power house then we are going in the right direction, if you would like to win a few games in d1 then lets make a change now and get somebody in hear who can win now. It can be done, look no further than the team that beat us two days ago.

look at the other schools making changes.

Duke fired Ted Roof on Monday, two days after the Blue Devils ended a 1-11 season with their ninth straight loss.Roof's over all record is 6-45

Nebraska -Bill Callahan's record is 27-22.It will cost the university more than $3.1 million to buy out Callahan’s contract

Southern Miss - Ed Orgeron went 10-25 in his first job as head coach. The school will him 75 percent of his $900,000 salary through 2009.

This is what amazes me, these schools all see problems. Why can't Syracuse. When are they going to realize that a change now would;

A. bring excitement back to the football team. this would carry over to ticket sales.
B. Might be able to sway better recruits who were shying away do to poor records.
C. Fans would be more tolerant of a new coach as long as he has a clear path in repairing this team.

Here are some things that Tom Osbourne has been quoted as saying about a new coach and scheme;

1. The next Nebraska coach doesn't necessarily have to have ties to the school, but Tom Osborne says the Cornhuskers' next leader must have an understanding of the program's unique culture and history.

2."I think it's really hard in college football if you don't have some mobility in your quarterback, to be successful," he said. "You need to have the ability to run the football once in a while and scramble for a first down. The rest of it, I don't know. The new coach will have to decide."

3."You want somebody that knows football and has a good work ethic. You want somebody that can motivate. Some people know football, but they really don't get people to play hard for them. Again, I'm not saying that's the case (with the previous staff). But you've got to get players to play hard."

4.Osborne said he also wants the new coach to embrace the atmosphere, which means showing respect for the program's past, being visible and building the trust of fans and players.

It seems like this guy really get it. Dr. Gross needs to emulate this guy., This is a winner. He know what is takes and know how to achieve it!

Check out this quote I found, sound familiar.

Callahan junked Osborne and Solich's triple-option for the West Coast offense, and the Huskers seemed to lose their hard edge. Under Osborne and Solich, some of the most ferocious hitting occurred on the practice field. Under Callahan, practices in full pads were uncommon.

Syracuse make a change. I implore you to make the right decision go ion another direction and save this program!

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