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Monday, November 26, 2007

Money Problems

Well if it comes down to money being the reason Grob Stays for his fourth year, here is an interesting stat. This might be a reason why SU is Short on cash, even though "they are close to reaching there goal of raising 1billion dollars"!

The cover of this year's media guide has "SUDDEN IMPACT" printed along the bottom in big letters. What has been sudden and had a great impact financially on the university during Robinson's brief tenure is the increasing number of empty seats in the Carrier Dome each week. In 21 homes games over the past three seasons, more than 260,000 seats have not been sold. In Pasqualoni's final three years, the team went 16-20 and the figure was just under 160,000.

If you figure the average ticket is $26.00 then Syracuse has lost $6,760,000 in three years. Just in non ticket sales. Syracuse could have paid for Bobby Bowden for four years, Steve Spurrier for three and a half years, Urban Meyer and Pete Carroll for two years. I don't care what any body says, Syracuse brings in a coach of this calliber and you have instant recruiting success and at least seven wins the next year. Instead Syracuse tryed to save money and went after a life long assistant. I guess the old saying is true, you get what you pay for! Now Dr Gross you make your decision, and lets see how many millions you will lose next year! Think long and hard!

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