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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Here are some comments that i have found. Godd luck Gross

So when SU starts out 1 -6 next year, how are we going to recruit? Its obvious that Gross won't make a coaching change during the year, so basically GROB is a lame duck coach next year. We have NO chance of improving and having a good recruiting class next year. Everyone i'm sure is already using this against us. I guess that Gross and the admin at SU doesn't care one bit about what the fans think. I for one will NOT be spending one $$$$ on anything to do with Syracuse University unitl GROB is gone.

The curse of D. Gross goes on...
The Top Ten Reasons Why SU Football Will Not Bring Back Fans.
Let me preface this by saying I support all the young men that bust their rears. Who likes to lose?... again, and again...and again...
10. Burnt Toast..., I mean west coast offence.
9. "Lets leave now(end of 1st half), I can watch/listen to the loss.(actually heard from a ticket holder).
8. Where is the excitemient on entering the game? Nothing is morepowerful than walking out and squatting, and then walking again, then squatting again.
7. Quick kick!
6. Otto(just kidding he's pitiful like our football program). Noseriously Otto's OK.
5. Giving the public an incentive to purchase tickets(free B-ball Tix). However, season ticket holders..."NO SOUP FOR YOU!"
4. Not quoting G-Rob, but something to the effect of: I know youare sick of hearing this, but...
3. And it continues..."We have to work harder/ It's Hard work" (GWB school of leadership).
2 . No end in sight. Meaning to another losing season.
1. It is hard to polish a turd.

We lost the battle. But we have not yet lost the war.
With a decision this absurd... it is not over yet.
if enough people follow through on their threats to cancel our season tickets, we'll get an A.D. in here who cares about the kids like Fairchild and Williams and Suter... and a coach who can make them be in the right place, at the right time, with the skills necessary to make the play, and the confidence to do it.

Absolutely Horrible.All this mid-major garbage talk. Syracuse is 14th all time in total wins. Does that scream mid-major to anyone. This was the worst decision ever, not only will there be another season of losing there will be even less people watching them lose now. GROB is a nice guy but a complete fraud!!!! He was never a head coach for a reason and we are all seeing that come to light now. I REPEAT this is the worst decision of all time. For all of you idiots that want to say that the kids are the ones that suffer your right they will suffer if the come to the SU football program. Gone are the days I can remember knocking off a top 5 Miami team or VA Tech in the Dome or Nebraska. These coaches play not to lose every game when they should be playing to win every game. There decisions are horrible and the team suffers from the trickle-down theory and it all comes from the top. I wanna puke and will never waste my time watching SU football again until there is a new leader at the helm. I'm DONE UGGGGGHHHH. fairchild tell your kid to back out and go somewhere else.

Incredibly, GROB admits most of what I have been saying the past week, conceding that he is open to "EXAMINING HIS PROGRAM PHILOSOPHY." WHAT??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After 3 years, the head ball coach is open to examining his "program philosophy." Oh my lord, it's even worse than I thought. A stunning admission by a Division 1 HEAD football coach.
I'm at a loss for words.

I just turned my Syracuse University diploma backwards on my office wall. I have heard enough for one half day about the absolutely foolhardy decision that was announced to keep Robinson as football HC.I knew that Gross was too pompous to admit failure in his original hiring of this clown.Get on with it....oust GROSS N-O-W!!!!! He is HOPING TO SURVIVE on Robinson's coat tails.I would not want to be in that situation for any money in the world.I have one last hope:That Gross and Cantor are lying to Robinson just as they did three years ago when she gave Pasqualoni her "vote of confidence" that he was staying on as HC. Eight days later Coach P was canned.Maybe with some luck they had to run to Staples to get a new "typewriter ribbon" for their "secretary pool" to draft a contract for a new coach, yet to be named. Clearly they have no clue in what to do and they are panicked in how to close this era of horse-poop football out.What a mess.I never thought that SU Football would be in such a dire situation:
1.No productive coaching leadership
2.A court jester as an AD
3.More empty seats in the dome than fannies occupy
4.Worse..............hideous uniforms!
5.Last, but not least................................NO HOPE!!!

If I remember correctly, Gross and Cantor lie to everyone about the coach coming back the next year, and THEN, around Christmas, FIRE HIM, creating the worst possible situation for all coaches and all recruits, and making that "gap" quite a bit worse than it needed to be.
This is step 1--pretend he's coming back. Step 2--They'll probably call him on Christmas Eve to fire him.
I wish Coach R. all the luck in the world--and admire the players for getting through the mess that their careers here have been.
Gross, however, I pray, subjects no other university, high school, middle school, or elementary school to his bumbling egomaniacal athletic directing after he is duly fired from SU. If I pass Pete Carroll in a hallway someday, does that mean I, too, will be seen as the next coming in college athletics??

Unbelievable!! There better be a COMPLETE overhauling of his pathetic coaching staff! NO more hiring ex -HS school assistant coaches or volunteer assistance from no name school's! Time to get some reputable COLLEGE coaches up there so they can help bring in decent recruits. What a joke...

Go ahead and subtract one more from the number of remaining season ticket holders.

"these guys are going in the direction that we think we can compete for championships in the future"
ARE YOU SERIOUS. I didn't know they have championships to last place teams.

dr gross you just decided your own fate with the fans- you are nothing in our eyes,you came 3 years ago and fired a guy with 6 wins and replaced him with your guy who has only 7 in 3 years and getting blown out every game is standard-
you have no problem with super poor football coaching-so do it without the fans because we wont be at the dome in 08-
penn st will have a another home game at the dome -i wonder if dr kevorkian is hoping they buy enough season tickets to make some money because syracuse fans wont


Un-F'n-believable! Let's see here... He took a 6-5 bowl team and turned them into a 1-10 team. The following year he goes 4-8, but looses all, but 1 conference game. This year he goes 2-10 and is statistically the worst football team in division 1A (ranked #115- #119) in every single category.Hell, give Robinson a 3 year extension and maybe we could compete in division 1AA football.
My family and i have spent over $4000. a year on just mid-field level tickets, which we are not going to re-new. I would rather watch a better coached football team(like W.Genesee HS) for almost free than to watch this debacle up on the hill that costs me thousands.........

Ballhype: hype it up!

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