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Monday, March 3, 2008

Usher and more.

Well another day and still we are talking about the Usher story. This will be the last time I touch on this. here are the comments for the day and I will respond below.

Kick his Ass Sea Bass! I am totally on board with you on this one. Half the Ushers up there are older, devoted fans that just enjoy being up there for the environment and to support Syracuse!
Well done!
the sport hump

Thanks Danny for your support. You the man!
Keep up gods work.
The State of the Orange

Now lets get back to anonymous.

Anonymous said...
I know I am going up a slippery slope about the usher thing, all I was saying is that I am not going to lose sleep over this. I also don't think it is the end of the world. Is it wrong? Yes, but it does not bother me. This is life, and things happen, people lose their jobs for all sorts of reasons. Say you were a boss and had an employee basically say, you were incompetent and could not do your job, I am pretty sure you would take action. I think any reasonable person would. The main problem that I have was with your problem with Gross. I think your judgments are incorrect and off the collar. You want to point out that Gross canceled swimming and diving. Well, I would argue that athletics in major division 1 colleges is a business. So when it is going to cost the school $35-$40 million dollars, some hard choices have to be made. When you make hard choices some are going to be upset, that is life. If you feel so strongly about swimming and diving why don’t you write a check? Gross has been here for only four years and he has already brought a great deal of positive change, as I pointed out already. So the first coach he hired is having a tough time and many people want him to be fired. What if Rutgers fired coach schiano after three years, they would still be at the bottom of the big east. So maybe Gross knows something that you don’t, he has been around the best program in college football. I think people want to point the figure and blame people instead of support the team. Personally I believe Gross is a respectable man, who is honoring the contract of Grob and giving him a chance. He has to make some tough decisions. If you want to point out every negative about someone and forget the good, well that is your choice. Also if you agree with me that there was no talent, how is a supposed to win? What is he suppose to do grow division 1 ready football players on trees. He is doing the only thing that he can; he is recruiting and developing his players. This year is going to be a big year for him and the team. His first full class will be in the program for three years now, and there should be some change. If not I am sure Gross will take action and bring someone else in, but to link Grob and Gross after only three seasons is a little unfair.

I have to say that I like this guy, he states his opinion and backs it up. With that said I just will never see eye to eye with him.

Now on the usher topic I feel that I am beating a dead horse and i think you get what I am talking about.

as for our beloved Dr. Gross. Over the years I have been a huge Gross fan and if you go back in my archives you will see what I am talking about.

Now I realize you can not blame Gross for everything but i want to put out a few stats that I found on the website One note is that these stats are from 11-26-2007. The plus and negative are as opposed to Jakes term.

- Men's Basketball: 74-28 (.725)
+ Women's Lacrosse: 34-18 (.654)
+ Tennis: 41-25 (.621)
+ Field Hockey: 33-25 (.569)
- Volleyball: 57-48 (.543)
+ Softball: 85-74 (.535)
-Men's Lacrosse: 22-20 (.524)
+Men's Soccer: 20-24-9 (.462)
-Women's Soccer: 15-32-11 (.353)
-Women's Basketball: 27-53 (.338)
-Football: 7-29 (.194)
-Total: 415-376-20 (.524)

Now I will say that sports like Woman's Basketball, Woman's Lacrosse, and Woman's tennis have flourished under Gross but the fact of the matter is, if you combine all those woman's sports revenue it would not equal the revenue from one sold out Football game. So why are ticket prices going up, why is parking going up, why are there more corporate sponsor's then a nascar, why has the college pageantry been removed in favor of corporate America. The answer is pretty clear, the teams that matter are not doing what they are supposed to be doing, winning. Now I do realize that Jake did his part in running the football team down but it would never have been this bad if there was a slow transition instead of the all or nothing attitude of Gross and Grob. I know that you hate that i link the two together but the fact of the matter is Grob was Gross's first hire and they promised us the fans, grander was coming, national championship will be had, and that winning was right around the corner. Since those remarks i have seen seven wins, now that would be acceptable if they were all in the same season, they are not this is over three years. This is not acceptable. I have gone to almost all the home games for football and basketball during this time, and i will continue to go to the game cause I love Syracuse. I will say this, the dome has never looked better, the melo center is a great addition and so is the weight room. but these are all patches on the crumbling football and basketball teams.

As a dedicated fan I want to close on this, I spend thousands of dollars on the hill every year, what am I getting for this, Heartache. If Grob and Gross due not turn this around this year then changes need to be made. I will be the first to say that all will be forgiven if they turn this around. Go SU, go Grob, and go Gross!!!!

By the way Mr anonymous if you attend the spring game your first beer is on me!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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MJD said...

Not only should that usher dude be fired, he should be committed to a nursing home. He's an old, crusty curmudgeon who's probably still bitter that he never got the best of "Charlie" over in Korea. Damn VC!

Anonymous said...

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