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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Jimmy the snail

Watching the end of the game last night I felt like i was witnessing déjà vu at about the 5 minute mark. That is when I noticed something I could not believe. I was not sure of what i saw but within thirty second my phone started to ring. Let me paint the picture. The Pirates were mounting a come back thanks to the slowed down offense and the vast amount of turnovers. Then Paul Harris sinks a shot from the foul line. The next time up Harris get the ball and sees an open lane so he drives to the hoop and scores. That is when I saw Jimmy B, jump out of his chair and start screaming at Harris for not taking more time off the clock. I am dumb founded by this. When my phone rang i was still trying to figure out why Jimmy B. was so upset. I was talking to my buddy and we were both in agreement that we would rather see two EASY points then milk the time of the clock and settle for heaving up a bad shot. This slow down offense has bitten Syracuse before, look no further than last weekends Pittsburg debacle. I can see it clear as day, these young players do not like playing a slow down offense and it seems to take the wind out of there sails, so why keep doing it. why yell at Harris when he did his job, he put two points on the board and that much harder for Seton Hall to come back. Paul great job even though Jimmy did not see it that way, we did!


MJD said...

JB seems to always be tough on Harris, and I have to say that 95% I think Paul deserves it. He makes many stupid decisions and is a turnover machine. Though I did not see the SHU game, I have to agree with you in the scenario you described. Take the easy points. SU's slowdown game sucks. They are a much more successful team when they attack the basket.

Anonymous said...

Agreed ... I saw that "bitch out" session too. I'm a big JB fan, but i"m starting to waver these past few years. Take out melo 03 & Gmac heroics & you are looking at some mediocre years. Young kids can't play slow down, why kill the momentum. guess u cant teach an old dog new tricks. Can anyone say Hopkins?!?