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Sunday, March 2, 2008

gross me out

I just caught this comment left on my blog i will respond below the comment.

Anonymous said...
First off, who the hell cares about a 70 something USHER. I know, I know, freedom of speech, but I am not going to lose sleep over an usher, who is an usher because he wants to see the games for free. O wait he gets paid to watch the games. Also you naively believe that Gross is behind this; were your proof, know where in the article does it say anything about Gross fires an usher. I don’t believe AD‘s deal with ushers. Secondly, and this is what you are dead wrong about, if you think Gross is a bad hire you have lost touch with reality. Among other things he has created new facility for basketball and football, he wants to put more comfortable seating in the dome and he brought field turf to the dome and Manley Field House. Additionally, in case you have not noticed women’s basketball is not doing that bad right know. People are starting to actually go to the games. So I ask myself why such hate for a man who has done so much for SU athletics. The answer is pretty obvious, you must be perfect and you expect everyone else to be perfect. So you forget that Gross has done so such for SU and dwell on the fact that you and so many others think he made one bad hire. Let me tell you something about football. If you could evaluate talent. You would know that Grob had nothing to work with. So he went out and started recruiting, and he has done a good job. I mean we are not USC; we won't get true freshmen to come in and be great. It's just not going to happen. So let his first whole class, whom are only going to be juniors this year, work their way through the program and things will start to get better. No team in the world is going to win with freshmen and sophomores playing a great deal of minutes. You probably have never played football in your life, so let me tell you this one last thing. You win with seniors. They are the team leaders, they set the attitudes and people follow them. Without good senior you will not be a very good football team. With that being said, I hope you reevaluate your judgmental views, mister perfect.

First off did you really say who cares about a 70 year old guy.
I take offense to this because
A. i am going to be older on day and i hope that somebody cares about me.
B. This man served his country during a time when his friends were getting killed in Korea. so for you not to care about a man like that then there is something wrong with you.

Now lets put that aside I have said many times that Gross has done alot a good things, but they are cosmetic and without a team to fill the dome there is no need for any of this. I am not sure if you have been following Syracuse sports but they are a laughing stock around the country and Yes Gross has alot to do with this. Getting rid of the swimming and diving is ludicrous because it has been a bright spot for many years. Secondly he fired Coach P and hired a man that clearly is not ready to lead. This move alone has sunk the program into depths that i am not sure we can ever recover from. Just saying that we are not in the same league as USC is evident of this. Syracuse football was a feared program and teams never over looked us, now we are the door mat of the Big east, A conference that Syracuse put on the map. Now I do agree that the cupboard was empty and coach P needed to go but he managed to win using the talent that he had, Why has Grob not been able to do this. Now as for me being perfect, I am not in any regards but I have my opinions and I stand behind them. That is allowed i thought. Secondly this is my blog and I will write what i feel like and if you do not like it stop reading it, I do not care I do not do this for fame or money,I do this because it allows me to express myself and my opinions, personally I could care less if anybody reads this.

Back to your comments, Gross does not deal with the Ushers personally but he is the AD and he is responsible for all aspects of Syracuse Sports so this does fall back on his lap. This is wrong in so many ways it disturbs me that you do not see why this is wrong. This is what is wrong with this country, people like you who hide behind Anonymous and speak your mind without knowing what you are talking about. I truly hope that when you are older everyone will forget about you and what you have done with your life because i bet you will not accomplish half of what this gentleman has.


Poncho Sinatra said...

Kick his Ass Sea Bass! I am totally on board with you on this one. Half the Ushers up there are older, devoted fans that just enjoy being up there for the enviroment and to support Syracuse!

Well done!


Anonymous said...

I know I am going up a slippery slope about the usher thing, all I was saying is that I am not going to lose sleep over this. I also don't think it is the end of the world. Is it wrong? Yes, but it does not bother me. This is life, and things happen, people lose their jobs for all sorts of reasons. Say you were a boss and had an employee basically say, you were incompetent and could not do your job, I am pretty sure you would take action. I think any reasonable person would.
The main problem that I have was with your problem with Gross. I think your judgments are incorrect and off the collar. You want to point out that Gross canceled swimming and diving. Well, I would argue that athletics in major division 1 colleges is a business. So when it is going to cost the school $35-$40 million dollars, some hard choices have to be made. When you make hard choices some are going to be upset, that is life. If you feel so strongly about swimming and diving why don’t you write a check?
Gross has been here for only four years and he has already brought a great deal of positive change, as I pointed out already. So the first coach he hired is having a tough time and many people want him to be fired. What if Rutgers fired coach schiano after three years, they would still be at the bottom of the big east. So maybe Gross knows something that you don’t, he has been around the best program in college football. I think people want to point the figure and blame people instead of support the team. Personally I believe Gross is a respectable man, who is honoring the contract of Grob and giving him a chance. He has to make some tough decisions. If you want to point out every negative about someone and forget the good, well that is your choice. Also if you agree with me that there was no talent, how is a supposed to win? What is he suppose to do grow division 1 ready football players on trees. He is doing the only thing that he can; he is recruiting and developing his players. This year is going to be a big year for him and the team. His first full class will be in the program for three years now, and there should be some change. If not I am sure Gross will take action and bring someone else in, but to link Grob and Gross after only three seasons is a little unfair.