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Sunday, January 20, 2008

We need a new pa

If you have been fortunate enough to make that trip up the hill to the Carrier Dome then you have noticed the PA announcer is god awful. I was siting in my seats when Donte Green just made a basket when i over heard a fan sitting next to me say "oh god I hope the pa guy does not say a deuce for the cuse"! seconds later i here "Mr. Excitement" Michael Veley said that very line. Then I realized how awful this guy really is.

It was not long ago when our fearful leader "Dr." gross said these very words;

Syracuse fans will hear a different voice over the public address system at the Carrier Dome this season. ‘Mr. Excitement’ Michael Veley.“Michael Veley is truly the right person for this job” Gross said. “His loyalty to Syracuse has been observed by many for years. He has the experience. His heart and passion will be felt by all of us in his voice on game day.”

Here is what Veley had to say after he was hired; "No, I don’t feel the pressure’s on the public address announcer," Veley said. "As I said, the fans don’t come to the game to hear me. Do I hope we can help the team? Absolutely. If my job is to get fans to come to the game and be part of the excitement and get this program turned around, I certainly am here to help the athletic department do that. I believe in coach (Greg) Robinson. He has a plan and a plan can’t happen overnight. I would encourage fans that are on the fence to come out Saturday and get behind this team. If you’re passionate about a program, it’s sort of like being passionate about your family. If a member of your family is going through a tough time, you don’t abandon a family member. You are there to try to help them through the tough time and its all the more gratifying at the other end of it. I hope our fans kind of take that approach. Obviously, the more fans there are in the crowd, the more excitement there is in the team and the more excitement I feel as the PA announcer. We have no excuse. Let’s rally around the troops, show up, and wear your orange on Saturday.”

Does anybody feel like he is accomplishing any of those things? honestly he is right about one thing, people do not come to the games to listen to him, how bad of a job is it when people notice how bad he is!

Honestly i don't want to feel his passion any longer. He is awful, Hey here is an idea, I know of a fellow blogger who would love to do the Announcements. I can personally attest to his ability hearing him every morning during home room. He also has had the same job doing crunch games. Also this person had a radio show that was the best sports talk show in the area, he is still missed! this man is non other than our fellow blogger Brent "the axeman"Axe! Come on Gross here is a chance to right one of your wrongs! how many times am i going to have to endure racked and stacked, deuce for the cuse, and A.O. (does he have a real name or what). Come is isn't bad enough that i have to endure all the advertisements. How much can we all take, seriously!


MJD said...

True story: Right after Carl Eighlenberg announced his retirement, I approached the SID and Carrier Dome management about the job opening. They were receptive at first -- even said they were going to have tryouts. But they eventually fessed up that the job was going to this douche. Remember when he just used to do the promos during timeouts and halftime? The depth of his suckiness was apparent then. But at least then we didn't have to put up with "Drilled and Spilled" after every ankle tackle.

Champ said...

Add this to the list:

new PA announcer

new AD

new football coach

The list keeps growing. Nice job guys. While we're at it, bring back Doug Logan on the radio!

The announcing at the Dome is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Okay, the only thing here that's sad is the fact that you think anyone cares about what you have to say. Michael Veley is a great guy and an excellent 'Voice of the Orange' at SU home games. Sure, he may have a couple of quirky lines here and there...but that is surely no reason to call for his head! Work on sentence structure, punctuation, and how to form an argument---albeit a slightly more sensical one---and then get back to me.

Anonymous said...

i guarantee daryl gross is the guy who left the comment above.

Anonymous said...

Mike Veley is an awesome professor, excellent director of the dept of sports management and I think he is a great announcer.

Anonymous said...

“seconds later i here "Mr. Excitement"”

Do you not have an editor? Are you a "Journalism" student at SU? What’s your agenda? Michael Veley is a great PA guy and I don’t know why you would comment against him unless you had something you think you can gain or an axe to grind against him. Here. H-e-r-e. Seriously? Hahaha!!!! Keep up the good work. I’ll be sure to take your jouralnism seriosuly from h-e-a-r on out.