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Friday, January 25, 2008

Veley or bust

I received a few comments this week y post about needing a new PA announcer and it is time to share them with the public:

This one comes from MJD:
True story: Right after Carl Eighlenberg announced his retirement, I approached the SID and Carrier Dome management about the job opening. They were receptive at first -- even said they were going to have tryouts. But they eventually fessed up that the job was going to this douche. Remember when he just used to do the promos during timeouts and halftime? The depth of his suckiness was apparent then. But at least then we didn't have to put up with "Drilled and Spilled" after every ankle tackle.

Champ says:
new PA announcer
new AD new football coach
The list keeps growing.
Nice job guys.
While we're at it, bring back Doug Logan on the radio!
The announcing at the Dome is a joke.

The Final one comes from my good Friend Brian over at Orange 44:
I'm jumping on the band wagon. I have always thought that, but I was inspired by your post.
Brian is a man of his words so here is a link to the article over at 44 .

Wow I guess i started something here. Well I am on board with Brian and I too will be posting the worst PA moments after each game. With no change up on the hill I have decided to focus all my attention on Veley, the games are bad enough that adding drilled and spilled after each ankle tackle and hearing that god dam bell sound during every third down I have had enough. This is war. Cantor is keeping Gross around, Gross is keeping Grob, and Gross is also keeping Veley. So look for Veley highlights at Orange 44 and here, maybe we can make a difference! Lets bring the fight to them boys!

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