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Sunday, January 20, 2008


today i was scouring the Internet looking for something to blog about when all of a sudden i came across this article about Paul Harris not playing hard.

On why we lost to Villanova....
The reason why I think we lost is because I didn't come to play today," said Harris, who'd been unprovoked. "I was kind of going through the motions. When Coach took me out early on, it kind of just brought me down and it was, like, forget it. I really didn't play hard after that."

"I didn't play hard," he said. "I'm going to be honest with you. I shot a three and Coach yelled at me. I'm not saying, 'Don't yell at me.' But it just kind of threw me off and I didn't play after that. I know I shouldn't do that to my teammates, but sometimes I have days like that."

On rebounding...
"I didn't play half as good as I can play," he said. "Not at all. I didn't even really try to get rebounds. Some of them just kind of fell into my hands. And I didn't score as much. If I'd have made some game-changing plays - like, get offensive rebounds or anything - we could have won. I take the blame.

On would he rather be a cheerleader...
"As soon as I came out of the game, I was like . . . I don't know. I mean, I was just ready to cheer the team on. I should have told (Boeheim) after that, 'Don't put me back in.' Jonny Flynn kept telling me, 'C'mon. C'mon. When are you going to be ready to play?' I don't know. It is what it is."

This whole thing is very disturbing to me and it brings me right back to my post about the attitude problem of these players. I want to start this out by saying that i have been a Harris fan and I still am. That being said he needs to learn quickly that this is a team sport and that a large fan base is out there rooting on this team. By not playing hard he is hurting himself, his team, and the community that roots for the orange! I realize that he is a young man but he needs to understand that when Jimmy B takes him out of the game to scold him, he is doing it to teach him, not to degrade him. Harris is a good player the problem is he does not have the ability yet to hit long shots. he needs to take advantage of his strong points, getting inside and rebounding.

Now this team needs discipline and that should start right now. Jimmy B should sit Harris for a portion if not all of the game against Georgetown. this sends a few clear cut messages.
1. play hard all the time
2.I(jimmy B) am in charge listen to me cause i might know a thing or two about basketball
3. get your head out of your ass you premadonna

this is a cancer that can not be allowed to spread, if it does you might as well not play anymore games cause you are not going to win. I was at the game, and the whole time I was saying where is Harris, well I guess I now know.

So Paul if you are reading this shut the fuck up and start playing basketball with all your heart and sole. there are thousands of kids who would give there right arm for the chances that you have been given. what the is the matter with you, you should be ashamed at yourself!

Now hopefully that loss will not hurt us when the NCAA selection committee convenes in a few months cause if it does god have mercy on your sole!

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Jameson said...

I don't know what to think of Harris. Other than the Villanova game, it seems like he plays his ass off harder than anyone on this team ever will.

I think what we saw Saturday was Harris finally had enough of Boeheim just sitting him after one shot.

We probably don't know what the whole story is here. Boeheim might be saying to him in practice "if you shoot that shot your sitting on the bench, it's not your shot."

In that case he's got every right to bench him for violating what Boeheim said.