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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Vaughan stay away

Grob received a verbal commitment from linebacker Dan Vaughan, well kind of. As quickly as Vaughan committed to Syracuse, he quickly announced that he would rather play for the Panthers. The problem is, at this point the panthers do not have any more scholarships. So the question is do we wait around till signing day and see if Vaughan signs or do we cut loose a player that clear does not bleed Orange. It's a tough choice, but personally I feel that Grob needs to pull the scholarship of anybody that does not want to play here. Syracuse has enough problems and they really do not need anymore. can you imagine playing the panthers and you are in the huddle with somebody who wants to be in one on the other side of the ball. well Greg here is your chance to stand up for your team that clearly needs somebody to stand up for it. Cut this future steel worker loose. If he doesn't want to be here then we don't want him to be here!

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OrangeRay said...

The only plus for Syracuse is that Vaughan would never be able to transfer to Pitt. Intra-conference transfers must sit out two seasons, not one, so once he actually comes to Syracuse, he'll realistically never play for another Big East team.

Personally, I too would not take a guy who (1) doesn't want to be here and (2) is stupid enough to admit it.