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Friday, October 5, 2007

chance for an upset

I have been pondering the question, what are the chance Syracuse can slay another dragon this week! this is what i have come up with;

option1- Steve Slaton and Pat White come down with chicken pox and can't play.

option2-Syracuse has been bluffing the entire country and really are as good as they say they are!

option 3- Syracuse dresses the '87 team. i don't think anybody would catch on! ARob and Donny could be brothers!I think this is our best chance by the way. Lets go Donny, run the veer(sorry i just watched We Are Marshall)

Look can you really tell them apart(i have my eyes closed)

In all seriousness, is there any hope for a win against West Virginia. My heart says yes but I just don't see it. My only hope is that Grob and his brain trust grows a set of balls. Go for it, there is nothing to lose. Leave nothing on the field, take chances!

What Syracuse has going for them:

The dome, your in the loud house, magic could happen. (that's the dome)

West Virginia could look past us

the 87 team could fire this team up

Hey your Syracuse, crazier things have happened!

The ghost of Coach P could stop by and show GRob how to play defense and run the veer(sorry again)

Good luck Orange!

The cuse is in the house oh my god oh my god!

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