To Big Ten or to not Big Ten that is the Question

Friday, October 5, 2007

bone heads of the week

It's a three way tie between Travis Henry, Marion Jones, and Greg Robinson(sorry had to connect this to Syracuse)

Somebody should tell Travis Henry that pott is an illegal substance in the NFL and in the USA. I know its tough to remember, but Travis here is a rule you should live by, if you can't buy something in a store, then it's illegal!!!!!! As for needing to have "my people" over seeing the test, what are you trying to hide!

Marion Jones, did you really think that denying that you took steroids,the government would just drop the case! i don't think so. your just the first domino to fall, watch out Barry, your next! Oh and by the way flax seed oil does not make you stronger, so the fact that you are bigger, stronger, and faster then you were ten years ago did not set off the bulb in your brain!!!!!! Oh and lets not forget that you are so stupid that you are rubbing and taking crap that you have no idea what it is!

Greg Robinson what in gods name where you thinking when you did not go for it at the end of the first half, then on the forth and one at the end of the game, and then that retarded pooch kick. Way to keep Miami of Ohio on their toes! OH I FORGOT YOUR PLAYING FOR A BCS BOWL!

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