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Monday, October 1, 2007

"i didn't see it coming"

After taking a deep breathe and letting that loss set in, i have decided i am even more upset. I was having lunch today with my friend Ted A. and he brought up a great point. Syracuse is allowing a coach who has never been a head coach learn how to be a head coach. Here in Syracuse we have come to accept certain things. It is so widely accepted that even Dr Gross, Nancy Cantor, and even Jake Crothamel has spoken of them.

Here is the list:
had to finish in the Top 25
finish in the top three in the Big East
frequently participate in bowl games
and continue high graduation rates.

Clearly we are not passing any of those guidelines(accept maybe the last one), nor are we even close to getting to that point.

When you have a coach that says things like:

"Well, I come in here and I tell you that ... that was unacceptable. Obviously, our football team was not prepared properly, and that comes right to me. Mentally and emotionally, I didn't see it. Did it pick up a little bit in the second half? Yeah, but not good enough. We still found ways when we looked like we were going to give ourselves a chance to get back in the game, we still shot ourselves in the foot."

well Greg who's job is it to prepare your team. This is your team and your are the one who is supposed to get the job done. Let me repeat this, you are the guy who need to get things done. You clearly are not getting things done. Week in and week out i am hearing the same excuses. We were not ready, we were not prepared. well why are you having problems when all the other coaches aren't, do you need more time, i am sure that the NCAA could maybe give you a bye week between every game! But hangon, you could not get your team prepared for the first week when you had the entire off season. What is the problem?

on seeing this coming?
No, I really didn't. I really can't tell you that I did. I thought that we worked well. I did. I don't know if it's from Thursday to Saturday that we lost something, I don't know. It's really hard to analyze that and come up with an answer right now. I need to first see the film and see what happened and go from there?

Well Greg why are you not able to keep the energy level up after a huge win over Louisville to a mediocre team in Miami of Ohio. This seems like another aspect of your job description.

Does it make it worse coming off a win last week that there should have been carryover?
"That's what I would've expected. Whatever the motivation is, the fear of losing or the excitement of trying to get better. Obviously, we weren't motivated well enough to perform the way we're capable of performing"

see above on this one no need to keep harping on it.

Here is a question i would love to have asked

Why are you constantly so undecided in play calling during crucial time?
This has been a major issue all year. Why are you not going for it on 4th and 1 on your own 50? In all reality what do you have to lose here. I realize that you have no run offense. but come on what does it hurt. (they started on the 40 anyways)

How about the end of the 1st half, why not go for it. you yourself are talking about playing in a bcs bowl, so in all reality what does it hurt to be more aggressive. I thought it worked pretty well against Louisville.

Now Lets talk about that! Greg BCS Bowl? what are you thinking. This team has lost to Iowa, Washington, Illinois, and now Maimi of Ohio. I hate to Break it to you but these are not BCS caliber teams. How do you think you would fair against a USC, an LSU, how about cal or Ohio State. I really Believe you would get man handled and if you think otherwise you insane, and that might be the problem.

I hope to see all you cuse fans in the dome Saturday, They need our support more than ever!!!!!
good luck Orange i hope you guys can pull of another upset!
Go SU!!!

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