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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Introducing the State Hump

Over the past few months I have been enjoying the blogging of many fine men and women who rule our little community. The time, and effort set fourth in these blogs are priceless. I have been racking my brain the past few months to come up with something special, when all of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks. One day last week I was cruising the web when I ran into the Nunnes 44 collaboration when it hit me. I came up with an idea to do a question and answer session with arguably one of the most original Blogs coming out of the Syracuse area, The Sports Hump. These question and answers are of the Seinfeld nature, they are questions about nothing, but I think it works. So thanks Nunnes 44 for the solid idea and one day I aspire to be as good as you guys. Anyways I think I can remove my lips from their asses now. So without further adieu I give you the first installment of....... drum roll please........... The State Hump, enjoy!

State of the Orange-Who would you rather see naked, Julie Boeheim or the Axeman?

The Sports Hump-I like them curvy, so I would have to go with Axe. Not sure if he is ready for the "Men of Steel" tour yet, but you never know. I got to give it though to Julie, she is very Desperate Housewives attractive and is hanging in there at her age. I think their is an acronym for ladies like her and it ends in i.l.f. Here is what is going to happen at the Boeheim household in a few years.......... Friend of Boeheim Children-Dude, your mom so wants to Desperate Housewives me. She grabbed my hand, gave me a hug, and everything!

State of the Orange-Which of these players would you rather see a large object fall on their head, Micheal Owens(44) or Troy Nunes(11)?

The Sports Hump-Push on that one. Troy Nunes (the Magician) would use his power to move left and cause a miss and write a detailed rant of how and why he missed the large object and what other commentators are stating about the object with a ambiguous and humorous twist, and Troy Nunes the player would not be able to work the closing shift at Cracker Barrel in Bayonne, New Jersey if something large fell on his head. I would go with Chris Gedney. I can't trust him as far as I can throw a 5 and out to him. Large obstacles have fell on his head, 35 drops back in 93 from my man Marvin Graves.

State of the Orange-Who do you think would be the Cutest couple, Dr. Gross and Nancy Cantor, or Greg Robinson and The Tooth Ferry?

The Sports Hump-I say the Doctor and Cantor. I would love to see the offspring of those two. I think it would look like a Tiny Shanjaya! He lurks in the shadows at home football games. He stalks through the alleys at Shine. He hides under tables and chairs waiting. He is...Lil man Gross

State of the Orange-If you ran into Daryl Gross at a bar would A. shine his head or B. check to see if Grobs lips are planted on his ass?

The Sports Hump-I would Shine Dr. Gross's head Benny Hill style....Remember, to be bald is now known as "To pull a Britney." We have to keep that thing shined, so when our 3rd string defensive ends get their jersey retired, he is in Ship-Shape!

State of the Orange-I just watched Mr. Brooks, who would be a better serial killer Jim Boeheim, Nancy Cantor, or Greg Robinson?

The Sports Hump-Boeheim, no question! Do you see the look in Jim's eye when Paul Harris takes a 15 ft. jumpshot? He has the look. You can also tell when Bud asks him one of his ridiculous questions... Bud- You just lost to South Florida, what's the mood in the locker room? Jim- Stab, Stab, Stab!

State of the Orange-If Paul Harris and Julie Boehiem hooked up and had kids who would they most resemble?

The Sports Hump-Kimbo Slice with Table manners.

I would like to thank my mom and dad who inspired me to do my best, my dog pookie who always seems to light up my day(it just takes peanut butter), Fidel Castro for stealing my thunder and stepping down on the day i decided to post this (what you couldn't wait a day), and Greg Robinson for turning SU football into what we have all grown to love(I see good things). Am I forgetting anybody.

All kidding aside i really would like to thank Danny over at the Sports Hump for taking time out of his day to answer these questions.

Go Orange

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