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Monday, January 14, 2008

oh where oh where was our Marvin

I have been on my death bed for the past few days with what i would classify as the Ebola Virus. During that time I watch some great Football. I witnessed Mr Timeless, Bret Favre bring his team back from 14 points down to win a tough playoff game. I then watched the Chargers without their starting QB or RB beat one of the hottest teams in the NFL, The Colts, I then watched the Gmen take down the Cowboys. The thing the stood out to me the most out of the games was the Heart that the players showed in coming back and winning their playoff games. The one player that i thought even hurt that could have made a difference was Marvin Harrison. The very same player that once dominated the stat sheets at Syracuse was nowhere to be found at the end of the game. I have to wonder if having him out there, even as a decoy would have helped free up a receiver for the Colts. A true Leader should have been out there when his team was done but not yet out. With less than a minute in the game Marvin Harrison should have starped on the helmet and should have been out there fighting along with his team mates. He played earlier not at 100% i will admit but he should still have been out there. This is the playoffs, one loss and your out, why was he on the side lines. I hope he had a good reason other than i am not in game shape, or I am not 100% cause there was alot of guys that were not 100% out there! Even the announcers where wondering why he was not out there. Very disappointing Marvin!

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