To Big Ten or to not Big Ten that is the Question

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Well I have seen enough of these guys to say that an NIT invite is in our future( at best ). I figured there would be learning pains along the way, but i figured by this point in the season these youngsters would have figured out that the old saying is true. Defense wins championships. I really do not think that defense is the only problem, it is pretty evident that other than Harris nobody wants to get down low and scrap for rebounds. This team has shown flashes of brilliance but at best they are glimpses of a future that is very far away. It really is sad but i honestly think that the one thing that is missing is HEART. Things like playing defense and rebounding is all about heart. This team is all about flash and has very little substance to back it up. A great example of this is Flynn trying for the third game in a row to posterize somebody. There is no need to tomahawk the ball over somebody when you are down by twenty. you need points not an ESPN play of the day. These guys need to get with the program. Jimmy B needs to grow a set of balls and stand up to these kids. When he sees something he does not like he needs to sit these guys. I would rather see Jake Presutti in the game trying his hardest then these guys playing 50%. This is disturbing. Say what you want about that pathetic football team but they never gave up. And that is admirable.


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